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London Bombs, Iraq War and Dr Shipman
Publication date: 2005-07-13

Do the London Bombs Make Iraq War Less Criminal?

Tony Blair says, that the London bombs were not caused by the Iraq War. Did not the 9/11 happen before the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

This is true, because even before the War on Terror proclaimed by G.W. Bush, there were other causes of hostility towards the US in the Muslim world, like Palestine, Chechnya, and various US involvements in the “Greater Middle East” (which covers all of the Muslim world).

Although, of course, the reason that London was chosen as a target, could have been influenced by the British role in the War on Terror.

But none of this makes the Iraq War less of a crime, and Tony Blair less of a war criminal.

The reason that the Iraq War is a crime has nothing to do with any conflicts, or any events in other places around the world.

The reason that the Iraq War is a crime, is because it is a war for which those who had started it have failed to provide any valid reason.

And the reason that Tony Blair is a war criminal is because he took a prominent part in the unleashing of this war, and in the deliberate deceptions of the International Community, of the United Nations, of the British Parliament, and of the British Public to justify that war.

To start a war without a valid reason is crime. And all the individual members of the US and British government who started that war are war criminals.

And their only defence against this accusation is to produce valid reasons for their actions.

Up to now they have failed to produce any valid reasons.

This is similar to the Dr Shipman case.

Dr Shipman was accused of killing some of his patients by lethal, but painless injections. The reasons, why he did so, remain unknown. He never disclosed them to the police, and never will, because he is dead, having committed suicide in jail.

But it could well be that his reasons were just as “altruistic” as those of George Bush and Tony Blair.

All of the patients killed by Dr Shipman were elderly or middle‐aged women suffering from chronic, often age‐related, diseases. None of the killed patients was a young man or woman suffering from common cold.

Could it not be that Dr Shipman had some aversion to old age? Could he not want to relieve his patients of their sufferings in a painless way? Thinking that the older they become the more they will suffer?

Such “altruistic” reasonings by Dr Shipman would be consistent with all the circumstances of his case. But would they justify his killings?

The most they would do is to point to an acute personality disorder of Dr Shipman himself.

But Dr Shipman is believed to have killed only some 200 patients. George Bush and Tony Blair had caused deaths of tens, or even hundreds of thousands of people.

And while Dr Shipman died in jail, George Bush and Tony Blair are still at large, and not even pursued by any police.

One of the reasons that G.W. Bush and T. Blair are not in jail, is that there are no practical means of bringing to justice criminals, who happen to be heads of nation states, except when they happen to be defeated in a war (like the Germans and Japanese in 1945).

The second reason that G.W. Bush and T. Blair are not in jail, is because the democratic processes in their countries have failed to produce any better candidates for their replacement.

But, as soon as the democratic processes in the US and Britain succeed in producing replacements for G.W. Bush and T. Blair, they should be put on trial as war criminals, and unless they produce valid reasons for their actions, should spend the rest of their lives in jail, like Rudolf Hess.

Unless this act of justice happens, the Civilized World has no moral right to call itself “civilized”.

And, if G.W. Bush and T. Blair are civilized, they should submit themselves to such trial voluntarily and cooperate with all the procedures of the due process of the law.

And, of course, in such trial it will not be the countries that are on trial, but private individuals, G.W. Bush, and T. Blair, who in the course of their employment as heads of state, committed actions, which happen to be crimes. This is because “Bush” is not “America”, “Blair” is not “Britain”, just as Hitler and Rudolf Hess were not Germany.

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