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In the World Court of Justice:   Ending Israel-Palestine Conflict   •   Syria Action by US/UK/Fr   •   Brexit Judgement Review   •   Who Won the Iran Elections?   •   The Legal Status of the Displaced Palestinians   •   Clarification of the Legal Status of the US Presence in Iraq   •   WCJ Comments on the Osama bin Laden Message to the American People (November 2002)   •   WCJ Comments on The National Security Strategy of the United States of America Report (September 2002)
Printed books relating to the World Court of Justice and the principles on which it is based are available at the TJPL website.
Issues in the News:   RF-Ukraine Peace   •   US Elections Win   •   Gaza Opportunity   •   Why Trump?   •   Ukraine War 2022   •   Ukraine Peace   •   Crimea Chronology   •   Ukraine 2022   •   War-on-Terror 20   •   Afghan Airlift Solution   •   Afghan Peace   •   Cold War 2?   •   Biden on Palestine   •   Gaza Responsibility   •   Biden What Next?   •   US Greatness   •   Covid-19 Opportunities   •   Is the Trump ME Plan Good for US?   •   Justice for Palestine   •   Saving Brexit   •   Legalities of Brexit   •   Error of Judgement   •   Purpose of Sex   •   President Trump World Peace   •   The Way to Middle East Peace Now   •   BoBMA Discovered   •   The Way to Peace on the Korean Peninsula Now   •   Lessons of Wars   •   Ending Israel-Palestine Conflict   •   North Korea Nukes   •   Syria Action by US/UK/Fr   •   Government Errors   •   Political Arguments   •   Stopping Terror in 2017   •   Cluelessness   •   Amending Article 50?   •   Brexit Judgement Review   •   May's Brexit   •   Brexit Why   •   Single Market and Brexit   •   Brexit Negotiations   •   Brexit How?   •   Brexit Deal   •   Brexit When?   •   Donald Trump and Islam   •   Can Trump Save US?   •   Brexit Mess   •   Brexit Uncertainties   •   Making Sense of Brexit   •   Religious Differences   •   Morality: Past & Present   •   The Historical Impact of the OBL Death   •   Obama on Destroying IS   •   Yemen War Answers   •   The Storm of Resolve   •   The Politics of National Values   •   Why Ukraine and What Next?   •   Are the War-on-Terror Wars Over?   •   Anatomy of the Modern Western Mind   •   Faking IS and Altruism   •   Can the US defeat the IS?   •   Why Gaza Violence Again and What Next?   •   Why Crimea and What Next?   •   Response to President Obama re: Syria   •   The Victims of 9/11 (2001-2013)   •   Forces of Good and Evil   •   British Courts Reform   •   Can Obama Win?   •   Can Mitt Romney Win?   •   Stopping Zionism   •   Why Palestinian State   •   Anti-Semitism   •   Collapse of Communism - Lessons for Today and Tomorrow   •   The Friends and Enemies of Israel   •   The Meaning of Illegal   •   Iran War and the Days After   •   Iran Withdrawal from NPT   •   Islamic Government   •   Is Homosexuality Good or Bad?   •   Own Goal   •   American Isolation   •   Why the British Riots?   •   Recognizing the Palestinian State   •   Paedophilia in Islam   •   Why They Hate Islam   •   Global Closure   •   Talking to the Taliban   •   Why to Stop Islam   •   The Gay, the Straight, and the Potty-Trained   •   Gambling in Games, Business, Wars, and Politics   •   Arithmetic and Vocabulary of Wars   •   Questions for the Iraq War Inquiry Team   •   Obama and the Middle East Conflict   •   Wars, Religions and Scientific Clarity   •   Iraq War Inquiry   •   The Two Rights of Return in the Middle East Conflict   •   Government Advisers and Spin Doctors   •   Zionism, anti-Zionism and the State of Israel   •   Obama's Afghan Politics   •   Solving Israel Palestinian Conflict in 2009   •   Wars of Civilizations   •   The Language of Hamas   •   The Legal Status of the Displaced Palestinians   •   Spinning a Third War?   •   A Strawman Fallacy   •   How to Convert the Muslims   •   Proclaiming Wars   •   Is homosexuality inborn?   •   People Power   •   Middle East Peace 2007   •   Are Results of Wars Predictable?   •   Is the Saddam Hussain Verdict Just?   •   Jack Straw and the Veil   •   The Arithmetic of the Afghan War   •   The Wig, the Shoe, and Mathematics   •   Secret Trials   •   Treason, Terrorism and Tony Blair   •   Crimes and War Crimes   •   Blair Argument   •   London Bombs, Iraq War and Dr Shipman   •   Elections Apathy   •   The Middle East Settlement 2005   •   God - They Still Argue About It   •   Impartiality   •   Tyranny, Despotism, Democracy and Rule of Law   •   Prisons - Do They Work?   •   Graffiti - Art or Crime?   •   Playing by the Rules   •   Opinions, Convictions, and Reality   •   Use of Torture in the War on Terror   •   Should Men be Animals?   •   Why Islam and Why Deaths in Spain?   •   Will Cannibalism Become Socially Acceptable?   •   Understanding the Muslim Hijab   •   Why Breast Cancer and How to Prevent It?   •   The Trial of Saddam Hussain   •   Turning the Other Cheek   •   Understanding Democracy   •   Are the US Winning or Losing the Global War on Terror?   •   Is The Universe Football-Shaped?   •   Homosexuality among Animals and Humans   •   Definitions of Truth and Falsehood   •   How to Stop Islam?   •   Resolving Conflict Between Religion and Politics   •   Taxing the Rich and Understanding Social Justice   •   Morality, Law and Religion   •   National Sovereignty - Who Needs It?   •   Lawlessness Begets Lawlessness and the Unipolar World Order   •   Judeo-Christian (Christeo-Judean) Tradition and Islam   •   Legitimacy of Governments   •   The Five Solutions to the Middle East Crisis   •   Liability of Heads of State for War Crimes   •   A Dialogue of Civilizations?   •   World Government - Ideal or Painful Necessity?   •   Religion, Morality, Fear, Understanding and Modern Secularism   •   The Origins and Development of the War on Terror Doctrine and its Future Prospects   •   Judaism, Christianity and Islam - A Clash of Civilizations?   •   More issues ... .
This site is dedicated to government through Truth, Honesty and Justice as opposed to government by violence and politics.

On this site the myths and superstitions of the 20th century, on which the present philosophy of political government is based, are exposed, and standards of honesty and competence that should be applicable at every level of every government are defined.

Today people all over the world are confused: "What is right and what is wrong?", "What is true and what is false?" Politicians use this confusion to put themselves into positions of power and to justify their actions, and ... still further increase this confusion.

On this site the legal, moral, philosophical, economic and 'political' issues facing today's world are examined from the standpoint of the fundamental principles of honest (non-political) government as laid down by the World Court of Justice.

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