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BoBMA Discovered
Publication date: 2018-07-24

The Discovery of the Bottom Baring Method of Argument

A five years old boy went to a local market with his grandfather and witnessed the following scene.

At one of the market stalls a woman was selling pickles in brine from a wooden barrel. Another woman came to the stall, looked at the pickles and said: “Your pickles are shit”, and this started the dialogue as follows.

SELLER: Shit yourself.

BUYER: You, fat cow. Your brother is in jail.

SELLER: You, ffff… bitch. Your daughter sleeps around with soldiers.

At this point the buyer turned with her back towards the seller, lifted her skirt and pointed her backside at the seller.

In response, the seller scooped some pickle brine with her measuring can and splashed it in the direction of the buyer's backside.

The small crowd that had gathered at the scene burst laughing, while the buyer pulled down her skirt and went away repeating the words: “Ffff… bitch”.

“But what has the woman's brother and the other woman's daughter got to do with the pickles? If she did not like the pickles, could not she have bought them from another stall?”, asked the five years old his grandfather.

“Such a small child and speaks like a grown up”, said a woman from the crowd who overheard his question.

“I am not a child”, said the boy, “They are children”.

As the boy grew up, he noticed that most human arguments follow the same pattern as the argument between those two women at the market. People just say anything bad about the other side that comes to their mind without any relation to the subject of their argument. And he called this method of Human Argument: “BoBMA” (Bottom Bearing Method of Argument).

Now that you know what “BoBMA” means, you will recognize it whenever you hear such argument. And you will notice that most political arguments are BoBMA.

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