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The Way to Peace on the Korean Peninsula Now
Publication date: 2018-05-25

How and Why to Establish Peace on the Korean Peninsula No

To Establish Peace on the Korean Peninsula Now the governments of the United States of America (USA), of the Republic of Korea (RK), and of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) will conclude peace treaty on the following terms:

  1. The parties agree not to undertake any act of aggression or hostility towards one another (direct or indirect war, economic sanctions, and any acts aimed at overthrowing or weakening the government of the country).

  2. USA will remove all military presence from the Korean Peninsula and its adjacent waters and islands.

  3. DPRK will retain its Nuclear Deterrent as a security against breach of this agreement by USA until the time when such deterrent becomes unnecessary.

The reasons for the above conditions are as follows:

  1. The historical hostilities between DPRK and USA/RK are due to the USA/USSR old Cold War rivalry, and, as the USSR no longer exists, have lost their reasons for existence.

  2. Although the historical reasons for hostilities no longer exist, no formal peace has been declared between the parties and the borders, military installations, and USA military bases remain.

  3. At the start of the USA global campaign, known as “War on Terror” (2001– ) the USA government has proclaimed DPRK part of the “Axis of Evil”, the other two part of the Axis of Evil being Iraq and Iran.

  4. In 2003, USA, after having threatened Iraq with war unless Iraq allows UN weapons of mass destruction inspectors in the country, invaded Iraq and removed its government. And this is in spite of Iraq having allowed UN inspections, and no weapons of mass destruction having been found.

  5. This lawless, aggressive behaviour by USA towards Iraq has prompted DPRK to start developing a Nuclear Deterrent to protect itself from the threat of invasion or other forms of aggression by USA.

  6. USA has imposed economic sanctions on DPRK to force it to abandon its Nuclear Deterrent.

  7. Now USA are proposing to DPRK an agreement that DPRK abandons its Nuclear Deterrent in exchange for lifting by USA their economic sanctions and other economic inducements.

  8. USA and others had made an agreement with another country proclaimed by USA as member of the “Axis of Evil”, Iran, to abandon development of nuclear weapons in exchange for lifting economic sanctions. This agreement has been broken by USA.

  9. The behaviour of USA towards Iraq and Iran shows that no agreement with USA can be trusted and that DPRK, while willing to have peaceful relations with USA, cannot abandon its Nuclear Deterrent, because it is the only protection available to it against aggression by USA.

  10. DPRK has no intention of using its Nuclear Deterrent against USA or any other country. And as USA is much more powerful militarily than DPRK there is no danger to USA of being attacked by DPRK, and the DPRK Nuclear Deterrent is not an obstacle to peaceful relations between DPRK and USA.

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