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Purpose of Sex
Publication date: 2018-04-12

The Modern Western View of Sex and of its Purpose

Here is an argument about Human Reproduction (Sex) that took place on Twitter, which is presented here in tabular form. It sheds some light on the Modern Western Thinking.

The Modern Western View of Sex and of its Purpose
#Side ASide B
1Who told you homosexuality was wrong? Some old fella with a beard in a mosque? You hate preacher.No. It is not religion. It is biology. Humans do not get born from the male anal passage. The same for birds, animals.

I know what comes out of my organs and for what purpose.

Who told you “gay is good”?
2Common sense and a 21st century non‐prejudicial, non‐hate filled, westernised upbringing allowed me to reach the conclusion that homosexuality versus heterosexuality is not a big deal.

Who taught you that ‘gay is bad’?
Nobody taught me. I learnt it from life. From observing life of humans and animals in different countries and under different circumstances. From observation of homosexual behaviour at close range. By use of logical reasoning without prejudices or hatred.

But all your messages exhibit “prejudice” and “hatred”. You make assumptions without basis. Which is very common among “modern westerners”.

And yes, if the purpose of sex is to ejaculate, then there is no difference. But is this the natural purpose?
3You'll never find happiness if you spend your life hating/worrying about people who pose no threat whatsoever.I do not hate (or worry about) drug addicts, alcoholics or homosexuals.

And I am very happy in my personal life.

And I never needed drugs, alcohol or perverse sex to be happy.

But I see a lot of confused thinking and respond to it.

Can you tolerate that?
4Putting homosexuals in the same category as drug addicts is like putting normal peaceful real Muslims in the same bracket as ISIS. It's just wrong.“Normal peaceful real Muslims” and “ISIS” are current political propaganda terms used by the Western Media to justify the US/EU crimes of wars of aggression they have been committing in the Middle East. They killed and destroyed vastly more than “ISIS”.

All addictions have the same properties. The addicts feel strong desire to do it and cannot stop it even if want to. This is true of drugs (including alcohol and tobacco), gambling, and all sex addictions (homosexual or heterosexual). Also seeking to justify it.
5The purpose of sex is to (1) have fun, (2) bust a nut, (3) show your love for your partner.If it were, and everybody would do it the way you do, human race would become extinct. But the real aim is procreation, family. Cannot be done by mere “fun”. But, if you prefer surrogates and substitutes for the real thing, good luck to you.

The above “Side A” is a person who describes himself as a product of “21st century non‐prejudicial, non‐hate filled, westernised upbringing”.

He was taught that homosexuality is good, that the purpose of sex is to have fun, that those, who do not agree that homosexuality is good, are “hate preachers” taught by “some old fella with a beard in a mosque”.

And he believes that “homosexuality versus heterosexuality is not a big deal”, which logically follows from his belief that sex is fun.

He appears to be totally ignorant about the biological purpose of sex, human reproduction, and gender differences.

But the generation of the “westerners” that will follow him will be even more “modern” and “advanced”, they are now taught from the age of 5 that there are “men with vaginas” and “women with penises” and that one “chooses one's gender as one feels”.

So what will they teach the generation after those “men with vaginas” and “women with penises”?

But, if they all will be educated like that, will there be next generation?

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