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A Dialogue of Civilizations?
Publication date: 2003-02-21

A Dialogue Reflecting Different Views of Freedom and Morality ...

We received some comments on our articles Homosexuality — Crime, Sin, Mental Illness, Inborn Abnormality or Alternative Lifestyle? and Homosexual Marriages — Modernity or Peak of Absurdity? by a site visitor. These comments raise some issues which have preoccupied Mankind from times immemorial and still are a significant part of the Public Debate.

As one of the aims of the present American Foreign Policy is “democratization” and promotion of the Modern American Values by military force, this issue has become even more important, because in America and Europe homosexuality is promoted by the political, cultural and educational establishment as an “alternative lifestyle”, while in Africa and Asia, where Traditional Human Values prevail, homosexuality is seen as sin and a major crime.

Below we produce the site visitor's comments, with our answers and additional comments in a tabular form.

 The Site VisitorOur RepliesComments
1I would ask you to consider that “gay” culture has and is changing. One aspect is that the initial sexual liberation and excesses with that are receding and amongst gay men a clearer picture of men taking a positive view to long term relationships [emerges].

Some gay militants are negative to this trend as merely copying heterosexual life styles. I see this more as a cultural levelling out as people find their own level.

The campaign for civic registration by gays and lesbians represents the sort of civic responsibility I thought you would encourage.

I also found your promotion [of the idea] that homosexuality is a “social disease” which is “spread” quite repugnant and totally ignores the sense of suppression and social pressures every young gay man or lesbian has to battle with. Are you a homosexual who had their sexuality imposed on yourself. How do you verify this concept. I know of not a single gay man or lesbian who I have met would subscribe to this concept.

I thought I would enjoy a website which would promote liberalism but found a website recycling the grounds of prejudice I associate with religious bigotry.
Your views of homosexuality are very common today, but homosexuality is, at the very best, an incorrect use of the human reproductive process.

To see such activity as “freedom” is simply childish and misguided. It is like supporting freedom of a person to mutilate himself, or to eat one's own excrements.

Such actions cannot be beneficial to a person, and can only be a result of ignorance and lack of proper education.

Freedom without reason is madness.

You might say that a drug addict is free to do what he wants, but he is not a free man, he is a slave of his own addiction.

The promotion of “sexual freedom” is mis‐education of people about the correct use of human nature. It is the same as promotion of use of tobacco, drugs and alcohol.

The present [“western”] political and cultural establishment encourages people to be slaves of their own impulses and addictions, and glamorizes it as liberation, but discourages people to be enlightened masters of their own lives.

When the Liberals under Gladstone introduced the state education system [in 1870, in Britain], they did not intend it to be a vehicle of depravity and corruption, churning out drug addicts, alcoholics, and sex perverts depending on the welfare services for their existence. They hoped it would produce free and enlightened people, who would be masters of their own lives, not slaves of their vices.

Do you agree with this?
The site visitor clearly sees homosexuality as freedom and as a normal, and even preferred, form of human behaviour. He suggests that, because all the homosexuals he came across “want” to indulge in homosexual practices and see it as freedom, homosexuality is good and should be promoted.

It is certainly true that, like drug addicts, homosexuals believe that they “enjoy” their practices and are prepared to make substantial efforts to satisfy their urges. But does this make drug addiction or homosexuality “good”?

We know that people often like what is harmful for them and dislike what is beneficial for them (Qur'an 2:216). It is the duty of parents and educators to teach people to distinguish between “good” and “bad”. The Qur'an is a book whose purpose is to teach people that distinction.

Loss of the ability by the Christian Church to be an effective source of guidance on matters of personal morality has resulted in spread of immorality in Europe and the US, which they now confuse with personal freedom.

And now the American administration want to spread their own depravity around the world by military force.
2What personal experience do you have of homosexuality to come to these strident repressive views?

The only aspect of “mutilating” worries me is your mind.
I do not need to experience everything to understand that it is wrong, I can make logical deductions.

I have never drunk urine, but I believe that it is a wrong thing to do. I do not have to confirm this experimentally. I know that my mouth is intended for the intake of food, and this is the purpose for which it should be used.

I also believe that the purpose of the human sexual organs is reproduction of the human race. I have tried it and I know it works. I can also see that other people have children — this could not be a result of homosexuality. And, if everybody would become homosexual, this would have been the end of the human race.

Are you seriously suggesting that all people should try out homosexuality, and that those, who think that homosexuality is wrong without having tried it out, have something wrong with their mind?

If you do, than, I am afraid, that you are one of very few sane people in this world, and the rest of Mankind, including me, are all mad.

I do suggest, for your own good, that you reflect upon the structure of the human body and the purpose of the various organs. They all have their purpose and should be used in the way intended.

Your letter has made me realize how perverse the modern educational system is. I knew it was bad, but it looks that it is much worse, than I thought it was.
Drug addicts, alcoholic and homosexuals, while feeling guilty and inferior in their hearts, instead of abandoning their vices, seek to glamorize them in their own eyes, and to drag others into their depravity.

Their favorite approach is to say: “Try it for yourself. Have some fun! You will discover what you are missing.” This approach was known still in Ancient Babylon (Qur'an 2:102). Harut and Marut, who were known as “angels” in Babylon, used to tell the people not to distinguish between a man and a woman. They used to say: “Just try it, you don't need to become a sinner. [Come on, be a sport! What are you afraid of? Don't be such a religious bigot!]”. And from them people learnt habits which were harmful for them and brought to them no benefit at all.

How many of today's teenagers in Europe and America, India, Africa and Pakistan have been drawn into drug addiction, alcoholism and sexual depravity, just by yielding to an invitation from their “angel‐friends” to try it “just once”?

And they call it “freedom” and “civilization” which should be spread around the world by use of small scale weapons of mass destruction.

This little “exchange of views” shows clearly the extent of moral corruption affecting the “western world”. Depravity is seen as freedom, and failure to yield to depravity, or to condone it, as madness and religious bigotry. Protection of chastity and honour is seen as oppression, while family building as depravity. But it is not the “west” that is to blame.

The blame for this depravity lies with the Muslim World. It is they that have failed to follow the teachings of the Prophet and to provide moral guidance to the rest of the world.

Instead of seeking to understand the teachings of the Qur'an, to apply them in their daily life, and to interpret the life around them in the light of these teachings, they were just aimlessly following rituals and reciting passages of the Qur'an without understanding their meaning, hoping that such superficial practices will secure them a place in Paradise. But when it came to interpreting the world around them they were turning to ‘ologies’, ‘ocracies’ and isms of ignorant, arrogant and confused people and followed their ways.

They traded the guidance based on truth, honesty and justice, for confusion based on politics and wishful thinking. — The result is that all of Mankind is now plunged in chaos and anarchy, destruction and bloodshed.

The present day turmoil is a wake up call for all Mankind. They need to look at their own depravity and to rediscover the morality of the prophets of the Bible and the Qur'an.

And the Qur'an, being the last revealed book, it is for the Muslims to lead the rest of the world from the darkness of depravity, hypocrisy and politics to the light of healthy living and of real freedom guided by reason, morality and justice.

Freedom without reason is madness. Freedom without morality is depravity. Freedom without justice is oppression, anarchy, wars, terrorism, destruction and bloodshed.

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