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What is Sodomized?
Publication date: 2003-07-16

The Meaning of Sodomy and Sodomization Explained

Some site visitors who have read our article British Children to be Sodomized at School at Taxpayers Expense — Why? are asking what is the definition of the word “sodomized”. We answer that question here.

The word “sodomized” comes from the word “sodomy”, which in its turn comes from the word “Sodom”, which is the name of an ancient city in Palestine. According to the Book of Genesis 19:24, the city of Sodom was destroyed together with all its population for the sins of its people. There are also a number of references to this event in the Qur'an.

The general meaning of the word “sodomy”, or peccatum Sodomiticum (the sin of Sodom) is any form of sexual intercourse with a person of the same or opposite sex, except normal (penis‐to‐vagina) intercourse between man and woman. More often it is used to mean intercourse through the anal passage, especially between males.

In England, unnatural sexual relations by a male with another person through the anal passage was a crime known as “sodomy” or “buggery”. It was decriminalized in England in 1967 for males of over 21 years of age with mutual consent and in private. Later the age of consent was reduced and is now 16. Some “gay rights” groups want the age of consent to be reduced to 14.

The verb “sodomize” means to commit an act of sodomy, and more specifically to turn a man into a homosexual by inserting some objects into his anal passage. The reason that such action can “turn a man (or boy) into a homosexual” is that stroking the internal walls of the anal passage produces in the victim sensations similar to those experienced in the course of normal sexual relations by women.

Once subjected to such act, a sodomized male becomes addicted to these sensations, and experiences cravings to repeat these experiences again. This also leads to a personality change, and such men begin to imitate female behavior and become “effeminate”. Such men can also develop emotional dependence on their sodomitic partners and form with them a “long‐term relationship”. Now, in Britain, as well as in many European countries, and some of the states of the USA, such relationships can be registered in the same way as normal man‐to‐woman marriages. Such man‐to‐man (or woman‐to‐woman) marriages are known as “same‐sex partnerships” or “gay marriages”.

Men are sodomized either by force (homosexual rape), or seduction, or by experimentation.

In Britain and the USA there were many cases of sodomization of children in orphanages, boarding schools, and prisons — usually by the staff of such institutions, as well as by fellow inmates.

In one case in the USA, a black inmate of a prison was sodomized by prison guards with a broom stick.

Sodomy is also becoming increasingly widespread among Christian clergy. “Gay activists” (homosexual pressure groups) are now campaigning that practicing homosexual priests be appointed as bishops (top church officials).

Recently a British education advisory group suggested that British school children should be compulsorily taught sex lessons from the age of five. These lessons will include education in oral and anal sex. It is not difficult to see, that, if such lessons are introduced, children will seek to try out their newly acquired knowledge by playing “oral and anal sex”, and this will result in sodomization of children.

Thus, once sodomy was decriminalized in Britain in 1967, from a rare phenomenon practiced by a small group of depraved individuals in great secrecy, it developed into a common behaviour, accepted by the Society and encouraged by the Church and the State — just like in the times of Abraham and Lot in the ancient Palestinian city of Sodom.

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