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Dialog with a Lesbian
Publication date: 2003-03-31

On Female Homosexuality and the Role of Sex in the Human Reproductive Process

We received a comment on our article Homosexual Marriages — Modernity or Peak of Absurdity? from a homosexual (Lesbian) woman. Below follow the comment and our answer to it:

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Ways of Life are Not Set in Stone

Why do people have to be so ignorant and closed minded?

When people hear the word homosexual, the first thing that comes to mind is sex. When you think of heterosexuals, sex doesn't come to mind. There is so much more to us than sex.

Yes, we have relationships just like straight1 people, the dynamics are the same. The only difference is we have straight people that make our lives difficult.

Who are you to say, I can't love, who I want?

This world should be about love not hatred. Especially in time of war, maybe, if there was more love in the world, we wouldn't be fighting.
From your message it appears that you see homosexuals as a special kind of people in distinction to another special kind of people who are heterosexuals. It is the same nonsense as the political myth of “working class”.

Homosexuality is an activity, which anybody is physiologically capable of. Not everybody chooses to engage in this type of behaviour, because of upbringing, understanding and circumstances.

People either are brought up to believe that homosexuality is wrong, or they are clever enough to understand it (which is probably rare), or they simply do not come under any circumstances which would induce them into a homosexual relationship and get married in a normal way for better or for worse (which is probably the majority).

The issue really goes beyond homosexuality. It is about the correct use of the human reproductive process.

We do not know, why you got involved into a homosexual relationship. It could be early age experimentation. You tried it, and then got addicted to it. Or it could be that you had bad experience with men, and then found that you can be happier with a woman. Or this type of relationship was the norm within a circle of people where you revolved. There could be other reasons.

But, if, as it follows from your name, you are a physiologically normal woman, then you have a womb, and two breasts. The purpose of the womb is to give birth to children, and the purpose of the breasts is to feed them with milk in the early years of their life.

And all the so‐called “sex” — the thrills, the titillations, the orgasms, and the emotions of love, jealousy, and emotional dependency — they are not an aim in themselves. They are the ways of Nature to compel human beings to engage in the reproductive process. Family relationships are also part of it all.

The modern obsession with “sex” as an aim in itself, and divorced from the reproductive process is due to glamorization of this part of the reproductive process by various commercial and political interests. But the real, natural purpose of sex is reproduction of the Human Race.

We agree with you, there is not much difference between masturbatory homosexual and heterosexual sex — both are abuses of the human reproductive process. This is also true about prostitution and of the various promiscuous “relationships”, as opposite to normal married life.

If you are a normal woman, then by choosing homosexual relationship and “life style”, you have cheated yourself and deprived yourself of much human happiness which can be achieved only by correct use of the human reproductive process — child birth, normal family, children, grandchildren, etc. Even, if you adopt a child, your female partner will never replace a real (male) father to your child. The child will grow up in an atmosphere of an abnormal (from the point of view of Nature) relationship.

We would agree with you, if you say, that some normally married people make of their life worse mess, then some homosexual couples, but then one can make a mess of anything.

You talk about love. A woman can love her parents, her sisters, her children, her female friends. Love does not mean sex.

But sex between a man and a man, or a woman and a woman, although it might be accompanied by friendship and affection is still an incorrect use of the human reproductive process.

Unless, you have some physiological abnormality, which makes it impossible for you to have normal married life, your choice of depriving yourself from the happiness of normal life can be explained only by ignorance, and addiction to a perverse relationship.

It is just like smoking, using alcohol, or drugs. People “enjoy” these things, but is it good for them? They call it “freedom”, but are they not just slaves of their addictions?

It is all a matter of education and social morals.

One “gay2” young woman thought she was “gay” by birth. She probably took it from her brother, who was also “gay”, and all her friends were “gay”. But one day she got pregnant “by mistake” at a drunken party. And then discovered that she was a normal woman. So she married the father of her child, then they had more children and they lived happily ever after. It was a big shock to everybody who knew her. She was such a classic “butch3”. It was a real betrayal of everything she believed in and preached.

We do not hate either you, or any other people who chose to spoil their own lives, be it because they believe they are “gay”, or “working class”, or “left, right, and center”. It is they who are the losers.

But, according to the Qur'an, he who knows the truth and hides it from the rest of Mankind is the most evil of people, and we do not want to belong to that category. So we share the truth which is known to us with the rest of Mankind. And you happen to be just one of them.

In the end it is not between you and us. It is between you and Nature.

The comments of this woman represent views which are very common in Europe and America and are spreading to the rest of the world in the wake of “democratization”.

Politicians promote homosexuality by encouraging people to believe that homosexuality is in‐born and thus make people who indulge in homosexual practices a “special interest group”. By encouraging people to believe that they belong to different groups (homosexual, working class, middle class, etc) and posturing as supporters of such “special interest groups”, politicians seek to get electoral support and put themselves in positions of power. An example of such “gay politics” is the recent debate in the British Parliament on promotion of homosexuality among school children.

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1) Straight is a jargon word used by homosexuals to refer to “heterosexuals”, that is, people who do not indulge in homosexual practices.

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2) Gay is a jargon word used by homosexuals to refer to themselves. Politicians also use this word, as a “politically correct” way of referring to homosexuals. In that way they hope to attract, what they call as the “gay vote”.

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3) Butch is a jargon word used by homosexuals to refer to a woman who plays the role of a man in female homosexual practices.

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