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Individual Freedom and the Duty to Educate
Publication date: 2003-02-23

The Dialogue Reflecting Different Views of Freedom and Morality Continues ...

We received a following message from a site visitor:

“I just read your article on ‘homosexuality’. I see you as narrow‐minded and hence am no longer interested in seeing your opinions when I see how you wish to control what OTHERS do.

I am not a homosexual, not a drug user, do not drink urine or eat faeces. I would not encourage people around me to do that. But I support OTHERS in making their own decisions — something which you do not seem to allow.”

This message expresses a very wide‐spread view of “freedom”, but is this view based on understanding what freedom is? Below follow our comments on that important issue.

Your belief that people are free to do what they want is simply erroneous, because:

  1. in all circumstances the freedom of people is restricted by the limitations of their physical and mental powers,
  2. in all societies (from a gang of criminals to the most liberal state) people's freedom is limited by laws, customs, and opinions and wishes of others,
  3. most people are conditioned by their education and various influences.

Observation of life in many different countries, and among different people, from common criminals to ministers and heads of states, all the way through the “social structure” has lead us to believe that very few people are really free. Some are, but very few.

We are not suggesting that people who harm themselves should be killed, imprisoned, or punished. In fact we do not even blame them for their behaviour or lifestyle. We blame the government and the media for corrupting the people.

If the state takes upon itself education of the people, then it has a duty to teach people to use their own bodies and their own minds. It is not the case that the state education system and the media let people to be “free”, they manipulate and influence their behaviour — which is inevitable.

The issue is not whether they do it, but whether they do it to benefit the people or to benefit themselves.

Should they do it with the objective of developing the personality of (or at least teaching the basic personal hygiene to) those entrusted to their care? Or should they misinform people and effectively corrupt them, because it is easier and “politically” convenient?

Today the media and the education system are being deliberately “dumbed up” to prevent people from developing their understanding, and thus making it easier for the politicians to manipulate them and keep themselves in positions of power. This does not make people “free”, it makes them slaves of their own ignorance and depravity, and objects of manipulation by politicians.

It is easier to win an alcoholic to your side by buying him a drink, then by telling him that drinking is bad for him. And what better way to win the vote of a homosexual, then telling him that his behaviour is not a perverse use of the human reproductive process, but an “alternative lifestyle”.

But is this “liberation”?

Is freedom the ability to control one's own life in an enlightened way and for one's own benefit, and using one's own bodily and mental faculties for the purpose intended for them by Nature itself? Or is it being dependent on drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, politicians and social workers?

This is why we believe that the currently fashionable misinformed political bigotry and hypocrisy should be challenged. And this is what we do. And we do expect that many people will not like what we say.

But, if anybody shows to us, not by name calling, but by rational argument, that we are wrong, then we shall accept the right view and shall be grateful to such person for putting us on the right path.

Not everything is a matter of taste or opinion, some things are, but there are issues of right and wrong. And to sift the right from the wrong is a bigger and more difficult task than seeking cheap popularity by pandering to popular vices, as the media and the politicians do.

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