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The Storm of Resolve
Publication date: 2015-04-06

Is the Storm of Resolve Just Another War-on-Terror Operation?

The most striking feature of the Operation “Storm of Resolve” is its similarity to the operations undertaken by the USA and Israel in the past 14 years: “Infinite Freedom” (2001 — against Afghanistan), “Iraqi Freedom” (2003 — against Iraq), “Cast Lead” (2008 — against Gaza), “Pillar of Defense” (2012 — against Gaza), “Protective Edge” (2014 — against Gaza).

All these operations had a similar pattern: (1) name the operation, (2) start bombing the target country (area), (3) set conditions, (4) start a vilification campaign against the “enemy”, (5) either withdraw (Israel from Gaza), or carry on with the resulting “crisis” without an end in sight (USA in Afghanistan and Iraq).

And all these operations had an “ideology” and a “strategy” behind them.

The ideology of the Israeli Gaza operations was “Israel has right to defend itself”. The strategy was “Hit them really hard, and they will accept the right of Israel to exist on the Palestinian land”.

The ideology of the USA operations was “War on Terror”, and the strategy — reshape the Middle East to make Israel safe, by “regime changes” in countries which support the Palestinian resistance, like Iraq, Syria, Iran.

None of the above operations has achieved a victory: Gaza still remains an “enemy” of Israel, and there is still no peace in either Afghanistan, or Iraq.

As far as the pattern of execution, the “Storm of Resolve” is a replica of the US/Israel operations: (1) it has a name, (2) the bombing has started, (3) the conditions are set, (4) the vilification campaign is in progress, (5) the operation is still continuing with the “conditions” still not being met.

Is there any reason to believe that the “Storm of Resolve” will succeed where “Infinite Freedom”, “Iraqi Freedom”, “Cast Lead”, “Pillar of Defense”, and “Protective Edge” have failed?

But what are the ideology and the strategy behind the operation “Storm of Resolve”?

According to Gulf News:

Dr Theodore Karasik, a Dubai‐based analyst of regional geo‐political affairs, said:

“The united Sunni front is sending a strong message to Tehran that the Islamic Republic's behaviour is on notice: that shady actions that harm Sunni Arab will no longer be tolerated.

The very fact that the ongoing joint Arab action is occurring on the eve of an umbrella agreement on the nuclear file puts Iran in a box to expose Tehran's negative behaviour.

Consequently, in the Levant, Iran and its proxies need to stick to their mission to fight Daesh”.

So the real target of the operation “Storm of Resolve” is not the Houthis, but Iran. And who has been calling for a war against Iran for the past few decades, other than the ideologue of the “War on Terror” — B. Netanyahu?

And according to an “advocate of Israel”:

The Sunni Coalition led by Saudi Arabia & Egypt — already proposed a solution to the Arab/Israeli conflict.

Last week PLO leader Abbas sent an official request to the coalition, to help him get rid of Hamas regime which is an Ayatollah proxy.

Next step after Yemen will be just that — Setting PLO as the boss in Gaza with Egyptian supervision, simultaneously signing a historical peace agreement between the Sunni world and the Jewish state.

Israel is already a silent member in the Sunni coalition — and a big player in the upcoming escalation.

If you like it or not — Egypt and Saudi Arabia — prefer Israel as an ally than an enemy, and the Palestinians are not much of a factor in the global ME game.

This is indeed the “big game” in which the “big player” Israel, with the help of its backers in the USA and Europe, uses ethnic and sectarian differences among Arabs and Muslims of the Middle East to set them against each other to achieve its own ambitions.

But behind this “Game of Thrones” view of the world lies a more general philosophy, as stated by another “advocate of Israel”:

Money, power, and ideology come into play in all societies. So do security and stability.

It isn't just countries, it is also the individual people in each country.

For instance, I'd like to have a few billion Euros, power to enforce my ideas and ideology, along with safety, stability, and no potent enemies.

Wouldn't we all like that?

And there are indeed visible attempts to “enforce the ideas and ideology” of the strategists and ideologues, like the above “advocates of Israel” and Dr Theodore Karasik, by using the military and economic power of the USA and its European allies, and by playing “Sunnis” against “Shias” and Arabs against Iran, as well as by use of all forms of “The Media”.

But such childishly egoistic enforcement of one's own ideas and ideologies does not lead to “safety and stability”, but creates “enemies” and leads to wars and terrorism. This is proved by all human history and by the present state of the world.

Peace and stability in the Middle East and in the whole world cannot be achieved by lawless super‐powers, the likes of the USA, bombing or invading countries to implement strategies and “enforce ideologies”, nor can it be achieved by coalitions of states ganging up against another state or group of states.

But, if Egypt, KSA and other Arab states, really wanted to achieve peace in Yemen, in the Middle East, and the rest of the world, they should not have formed, as Dr Theodore Karasik calls it, “Sunni front”, or, as some “advocates of Israel” call it, “Sunni Coalition”, but should have joined their efforts with all the Arab and Muslim states, including Iran, as well as organizations like Hamas, Hizbu‐Llah, and all the Yemeni, Afghan, Syrian and Iraqi factions, and overcome all their differences so that no foreign strategists and ideologues would be able to use these differences to impose their domination over the Middle East.

Not an easy task?

But until this happens there will be no peace and stability in the world.

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