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Publication date: 2011-10-16

The Losers and Winners of the Iran Plot Affair

We noted still back in 2003 the common phenomenon that people who set traps for others end up by being caught into their own traps.

The current US campaign to isolate Iran by accusing “elements in the Iranian Government” of a plot to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador in the US is another example of this phenomenon.

The obvious aims of this plot are (1) to create a conflict between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran, (2) to present Iran as a “terror state”, (3) to provide the USA with a pretext for a military action against Iran. The only country which could hope to benefit from this would be Israel, and it perfectly fits in with Benjamin Netanyahu's ideology of “War on Terror”. As far as Iran is concerned, there is nothing to be gained by killing a Saudi embassy official in the USA.

The details of the “plot” released so far are so incredible, that even the “pro‐Israel” western media cannot help acknowledging this obvious incredibility by saying something on the lines of: “While the plot appears to be incredible, if to assume that it is true, then the World needs to take tough action to isolate Iran”, and then they begin with vilification of Iran, which has been standard for the past few decades, hoping that this vilification would support the need for isolation of Iran, in spite of the incredibility of the alleged plot.

But, if to look at the public reaction in the USA and Europe, let alone in Asia and Africa, then the plot is seen as another plot by Israel and the USA to justify wars against other countries. Justification of wars against Iraq and Afghanistan are recalled, and even the view that the 9/11 was a US‐Israeli plot is gaining more credibility. Rather than discrediting and isolating Iran, it is Israel and the USA who are becoming more and more isolated and discredited.

But why are the Israeli and US governments so eager to discredit and isolate Iran?

The Iranian Government supports the Palestinians in the so‐called Middle East Conflict.

But why the Middle East Conflict?

Because (1) in 1948 the Israelis had displaced some million Palestinians from their places of residence to make room for the State of Israel and (2) occupied militarily the rest of Palestine in 1967. And this is what makes the position of Israel “unsafe”, and represents the “existential threat” to its existence.

Invading Iran by the Americans will not make Israel safe. Nor will it establish American dominance in the region. A war with Iran could even lead to major changes in the USA and its policies towards Israel.

One of the major consequences of the War on Terror and of the deceptions of the public involved in it was a general loss of public trust in the Institution of Government around the world.

The waive of popular protests that started as “Arab Spring” and is now sweeping across the USA and Europe, is the result of this loss of public trust. While the media seek to find reasons for these protests and interpret them in convenient to them ways, the one clear view common to all the protests is that the governments do not act in the interests of the people of the countries concerned but in the interests of the politicians themselves and of those on whose financial support politicians depend.

A war with Iran, justified by the alleged plot, can lead to a major global upheaval which will not favour Israel.

But, if it is all about establishing a Purely Jewish State in all of Palestine, then would it not be simpler, cheaper, and secure to buy all the land they need, instead of seeking to obtain it by violence and deception?

Would not this solve all the problems? Including the relationships with Iran?

But there is an insurmountable obstacle to such solution. Politicians think politically, not legally and commercially. They do not know any other ways than violence and deception. And this is why we shall see more clumsy American (Israel inspired) tricks like the alleged “Iranian Plot”, and maybe even another war — a war against Iran.

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