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Why Breast Cancer and How to Prevent It?
Publication date: 2004-01-18

Breast Cancer is Spreading among the Women ... And They are Wondering Why ...

Breast cancer is spreading among the women of America and Europe at a sharply increasing pace. And the “scientists” seek to find the reason why?

They blame the minerals in the soil and the additives in the food, but they ignore the obvious.

The “modern liberated woman” discovers her breasts well before she reaches her early teens.

The moment her breasts begin to be noticeable, she begins showing them to her friends, male and female, and comparing their size with the size of the breasts of those “glamorous” models that she sees in newspapers, magazines, and on the advertising boards.

By the time she is 13 and her breasts are not as big as she would like them to be she starts reading advertisements about “enlarging” her breasts by surgical intervention.

At about the same time she and her boy‐friends and girl‐friends begin to experiment with her breasts seeking to experience “pleasure”. And it this search for “pleasure” by masturbating the breasts, that has become increasingly common among “modern liberated” women, that leads to breast cancer.

Each human organ was created for its specific purpose. The purpose of the woman's breasts is to feed her children with milk in the early stages of their lives.

Use of human organs contrary to their purpose leads to malfunction of these organs and to various diseases. The connection of AIDS with the abuse of the anal passage is well known, although to talk about it is considered “politically incorrect”. It is also obvious that frequent masturbation of the female breasts leads to breast cancer.

Like AIDS, breast cancer is a direct and inevitable result of the “sex liberation” of the second half of the 20th century. Before that time these diseases were unknown.

So what is the best cure for breast cancer?


And how to prevent it?

Restrict the use of your breasts for their intended purpose — feeding your children in the early stages of their lives.

But how to prevent all those men playing with your breasts?

Learn the Ancient Art of Hijab at your nearest mosque.

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