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Lessons of Wars
Publication date: 2018-05-13

Learning from Thatcher and Putin

While the US/EU wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria have proved to be disastrous failures the consequences of which are still continuing, some wars, like the British Falklands War, or the Russian involvements in Chechnya and Crimea do not fall within that category.

We shall compare the Reasons, Purpose, Scope of Military Action, and Results of these wars and see, if such comparison will help us to answer the question: “Why some wars succeed while others fail?”.

Comparison of Wars
#WarReasonsPurposeScope of Military ActionResults
1Falklands (UK).Argentine occupied the Falklands Islands.To expel the Argentinian Occupiers.Expulsion of the Argentinian Occupiers.Expulsion of the Argentinian Occupiers.
2Afghanistan (US/EU).US requested to handover Osama bin Laden.

Afghan Government agreed to hand him over subject to conditions of a fair trial in a neutral country.

US rejected this condition and invaded Afghanistan.
Regime change.

To replace the Taliban Government with a US installed one.
Replacement of the Taliban Government with a US installed one.

Continued military support of the US installed government.
The war continues.
3Iraq (US/EU).US invaded Iraq accusing the Iraqi Government of possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction.Regime change.

To replace the Government of Saddam Hussain with a US installed government.
Replacement of the Government of Saddam Hussain with a US installed one.

Continued military support of the US installed government.
Emergence of the Islamic State (IS) in parts of Iraq and Syria, the war against which still continues.
4Libya (US/EU).US/EU decided to use anti‐government rebels to remove the Government of Mu'ammar al‐Qaddafi.Installation of a US/EU controlled government.Destruction of the Libyan Armed Forces and killing of Mu'ammar al‐Qaddafi.An on‐going civil war in Libya between various factions.
5Syria (US/EU).US incited and supported anti‐government protests, which were immediately “weaponized” and turned into a civil war.Regime change.Support of anti‐government forces.At present the Syrian government with the help of the Russian Federation has succeeded to clear some parts of Syria from the US supported rebels, and now there are on‐going attempts to stabilize the situation in Syria by reaching an agreement between the Government of Bashar al‐Asad and some of the opposition groups.
6Chechnya (RF).President Putin of the RF had inherited the Chechen war, the causes of which go back some 500 years back in history from his predecessors.

In spite of Grozny (the capital of Chechnya) having been totally destroyed and the Chechens being a tiny minority compared to the Russians, the Chechens continued to fight the Russians by staging terror style attacks.
To end the Chechen hostilities against Russia.To end this war he made an offer to the Chechens of rebuilding Grozny and payment of compensation to each Chechen in Chechnya who would stop fighting against the Russians and accept Chechnya being part of the Russian Federation where the Chechens will live in accordance with their religion, laws and traditions.

A group of Chechens accepted this offer, those who did not and continued to fight the Russians were killed, or fled Chechnya.
The Chechen hostility towards Russia within Chechnya had stopped.

Grozny was re‐built, as a modern Dubai‐like city.

Chechnya has become a loyal part of the Russian Federation where the Chechens live in accordance with their religion, laws and traditions, and each citizen of Chechnya receives compensation for the historical grievances against Russia.
7Crimea (RF).Crimea was part of Russia from 1783 to 1954, when it was transferred to Ukraine within the USSR.

The majority population of Crimea is Russian.

In 1991 USSR was dissolved and Crimea became part of independent Ukraine, which retained close friendly relations with Russia up to 2014.

In 2014 the Government of Ukraine was taken over by a pro‐NATO US‐supported nationalist anti‐Russian group.
To re‐join Crimea to the Russian Federation, as it was up to 1954.As the population of Crimea is predominantly Russian, and the Ukrainian nationalist takeover has aroused Russian separatist tendencies, the Russians held a referendum in Crimea in which the majority vote was to separate Crimea from Ukraine and to re‐join it to the Russian Federation.

There was no military confrontation.
Crimea has become part of the Russian Federation.

In the Falklands, Chechnya wars and the bloodless re‐joining of Crimea to the Russian Federation (1) the governments taking the action were acting in response to a hostile to them situation in the target area caused by others, (2) the purpose of the war logically followed from the reason and was clearly stated, (3) the use of force was limited to the purpose of the war, (4) the war was ended when the purpose was achieved, (5) the end of the war resulted in peace and stability in the target areas.

In Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria (1) US/EU governments started war not in response to other's hostility, but for their own political reasons, (2) the reasons were either false (Afghanistan, Iraq), or not clearly stated (Libya, Syria), (3) the wars still continue.

Wars in response to actions of others (wars of defence) are limited to the purpose and end when the purpose is achieved.

Wars started for own political reasons (wars of aggression) continue as long as the aggressor remains in the target area.

Wars of Aggression also happen to be crimes under the International Law, and the German Government and other top members of the German Establishment who were responsible for starting WW2 were put on trial at the end of that war and heavily punished for their War of Aggression.

In the 21st Century, International Law has been replaced with Global Lawlessness, and the wars of aggression by the USA and its allies have not been punished and are continuing. This has resulted in general global instability, and possibility of further escalation of wars.

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