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The Friends and Enemies of Israel
Publication date: 2012-03-21

Are the Friends of Israel its Real Enemies?

One can often hear today allegations that the governments of the USA and Europe have been “hijacked” by some sinister “Zionist Groups” who use these governments to promote the “Interests of Israel”.

To support this claim they point to the European states being governed by persons of Jewish origin, to the US presidents paying homages to some American Jewish Lobbies, and to the West (US and Europe) always supporting Israel militarily, diplomatically and financially in anything Israel happens to do.

While all these allegations are common knowledge, the question remains: “Are all these would be Zionists and Friends of Israel its real friends or are they its enemies?”

To answer this question one needs to establish what are the real “Interests of Israel” and how all these “Friends of Israel” promote these interests.

The State of Israel was established in 1948 by the USA and the European Powers to provide a Home for the Jewish People who had no state of their own and were subject to persecutions in the European countries, which culminated in millions of Jews being killed in Europe in the Second World War.

The territory on which this state was established (part of Palestine), had substantial non‐Jewish population, many of whom were expelled from that area to make room for the Jewish State and had to find refuge in the neighbouring states. And the attempts of these “refugees” to return to the land from which they had been expelled has resulted in a conflict continuing to the present time. And in 1967 Israel had occupied the rest of Palestine which had further expanded the conflict.

Thus, the “Interest of Israel”, as seen by the current Israeli leaders and their external friends, is that all of Palestine becomes a Jewish state, that all resistance to this state be ceased, and that this state be accepted by all its neighbours and the rest of the world. And this will be the end of the Conflict.

So, what do all those who call themselves “Friends of Israel” do to achieve that objective?

To begin with, they have removed Saddam Hussein, an enemy of Israel on the Benjamin Netanyahu Hit List.

The next enemy of Israel to be removed is “the Iran Regime”, so now they are looking for a way to achieve that.

Then, or before that, an Israel friendly “regime change” in Syria. And then to cleanse Lebanon of Hizbullah is a “cake walk”. And then it is just a mop‐up in Gaza. And then, just to clean it all within, and then to “modernize” all those Egyptians and their ilk, and then to persuade the whole world of the righteousness of it all …

Stanna shwayya (wait a bit), is this “scenario” realistic, or just another “dream”?

Saddam Hussein has indeed been removed, and now there is some turbulence in Syria, so there is some hope for a “regime change”. And there have been many other “changes” triggered off by the War on Terror. But has it all made the main objective — a safe, secure Jewish State of Israel on all of Palestine — closer to reality, or has it made the State of Israel, as it exists today, even less secure?

I had a dream last night. I saw a house and wanted it badly.

So, I thought, “Let me kill the owner and take the house”.

But then I thought, “This could create a conflict”.

Then I thought, “Let me hire some thugs who would throw the owner out, and I shall move in”.

But then I thought, “This would be a conflict”.

Then, suddenly I had a strange idea, “What if I buy it? — This would be no conflict!”.

So I made the owner an offer. He refused.

I offered him a little more. He refused again.

Then I offered him double the original offer — he refused again.

So, I got up and started walking away. And then I heard, stanna shwayya!.

I looked back — the owner was calling me.

“I have changed my mind”, he said, “I accept your offer!”

So I paid the money, we drank some qahwa, and the house was mine.

This was my last night's dream. But I had done that many times for real before — bought and sold houses — and never a conflict.

So, if Bibi Netanyahu and the rest of those who call themselves “Friends of Israel” instead of wasting trillions upon trillions of American and European money on wars that are making the State of Israel (and the rest of the world) less secure, would simply buy all of Palestine, then the Interest of Israel — the dream of a Jewish state on all of Palestine — would become reality, and … qahwa, and no conflict.

So, are those who call themselves “Friends of Israel” its real friends, or the worst of its enemies?

But what about the “Middle East Oil”? Are not all these wars about “Oil”?

Arabs, Iranians, Nigerians do not drink oil. Nor do they use all of it for themselves. They will happily sell it at a price that makes sense, and with the money they get they will buy the goods they need.

There is no need for wars to get oil — it can be obtained cheaper and more securely through normal commerce.

The wars we see today have nothing to do with either Israeli, or American interests. They are the result of these countries being governed by democratic politicians.

Democratic politicians live in a world of ideologies and of posing and posturing they use to get elected. Once they adopt a posture, or select an ideological vocabulary, they become trapped in it, and find it difficult to “change course” or do a “U‐turn”. Once they do something wrong (from the point of view of their own interests) their natural reaction is to cover it up, rather than to acknowledge it and correct it. So, they continue creating more and more mess until they are voted out and their successors continue in the same way.

We have seen it with George Bush, and with Tony Blair, and we see it now with their present successors. But, there comes a point when the mess cannot be covered up anymore, and when those who had created it begin to drown in it. And then a drastic change of direction becomes the only viable alternative to getting drowned — qahwa and no conflict.

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