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Donald Trump and Islam
Publication date: 2016-08-14

Is Donald Trump an Enemy of Islam?

From the time Donald Trump had entered the Presidential contest he was faced with a massive vilification campaign by the Main Stream US Media.

An example of such vilification by the Media is their interpretation of the following passage from a speech, in which Donald Trump proposed to “suspend immigration from areas of the world where there's a proven history of terrorism against the United States, Europe or our allies until we fully understand how to end these threats”.

The passage from a Trump speech quoted above is presented by his opponents as “designed to demonize and stigmatize a religious minority”. And he is even accused of “racism” and “islamophobia”.

But a “racist” or “islamophobic” passage would propose outright permanent banning of a “hated” religion, or race, not a temporary suspension of immigration “until we fully understand how to end these threats”.

Trump is proposing a rough and ready solution to a problem which he admits he does not “fully understand”.

One might agree or disagree with such “rough and ready” solution, but it's motivation is not hatred of a group (racism, islamophobia), but “safety at any cost”. The logic behind it is: “it is better to cause temporary inconvenience to many people, than to risk the life of a few US citizens”.

While, at present, Donald Trump's common sense and ability to think independently, enable him to see some of the falsehoods of the Establishment ideologues and propagandists, his knowledge of the world comes mainly from the general US public discourse, dominated by the same Establishment Media, which present a partial and distorted world view. And this is where his view of Islam comes from.

But such negative view of Islam based on ignorance is not new. From the earliest days, when the Prophet Muhammad started calling the people of Makkah to abandon their idolatry and to accept the belief in one God the Creator of the Universe, he and the handful of his followers became subject of hatred and abuse by the majority of the people of Makkah.

One of such citizens of Makkah who was opposing Islam and fighting against it was Umar (oo‐mah‐rr).

Like Donald Trump, Umar was rich, influential and quick tempered, always in a hurry to right a wrong.

One day, as Umar was walking in Makkah with a raised sword to kill Muhammad, he was told that his own sister and her husband had accepted Islam.

On hearing such news, Umar went straight to his sister's house. After hearing from his sister that she had indeed accepted Islam, Umar told her to hand to him the book, so he would read it himself. Having read a passage, Umar said, “Take me to Muhammad!” And, having been taken to Muhammad, Umar accepted Islam. And this was at a time when the majority of the people of Makkah were against Islam.

Having accepted Islam, Umar became a close supporter of the Prophet. And after the Prophet's death, became his second successor, governing the Islamic State for 10 years, till his own death. During his governance Umar had fought many battles and vastly extended the boundaries of the Islamic State.

So, while Donald Trump, like many Americans whose view of Islam is based on what they hear, or read, in the US main‐stream Media, might see Islam as a “bad thing”, once he has an opportunity to learn more about it, he might change his views, just as Umar did in his days.

And Donald Trump's admission that he does not “fully understand” the nature of the “Islamic threat”, means that, once elected, he will make effort to improve his understanding. Would he want to govern the USA by ignorance, like those before him?

Donald Trump did repeat 3 times in one of his speeches, “Law and Order!”. And in the first 40 years of Islam, the days of Muhammad and of the Four Righteous Successors (Abu Bakar, Umar, Uthman, and Ali), Islam was all about “Law and Order” — good governance, just as Donald Trump wants to govern the USA.

So, if Donald Trump is elected President of the USA, and governs it honestly and justly, like the American Founding Fathers, or the Four Righteous Successors of the Prophet Muhammad, he will be following the rules of Islamic governance. The rules laid down by the Prophet Muhammad, and all the prophets before him (Jesus, Moses, Abraham, …).

Muslims should not judge harshly those who fear or hate Islam. Their fear and hatred of Islam is due to ignorance. Once their ignorance is replaced with knowledge, they will accept Islam — government by Truth, Honesty, and Justice.

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