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Can Trump Save US?
Publication date: 2016-08-11

Can Donald Trump Save the USA and the World?

From the time Donald Trump had entered the Presidential contest he was faced with a massive vilification campaign by the Main Stream US Media. But in spite of all the media vilification he has won the Republican nomination, and now the US electorate are faced with the choice of “Trump or Clinton”.

How will this choice affect the US and the World?

Is Donald Trump the only one who can save America, as he claims?

Barring some extraordinary events, the next president of the USA will be either Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump.

So, if any president is to save the USA, it will be ether Clinton or Trump.

Unlike Trump who is new to politics, Clinton has a life‐time long political career, and this career, like the careers of the rest of the members of the modern political establishment of both the US parties, has proved that she (like the rest of them) cannot save the USA from terrorism. And how can they? They are the ones who had created in the first place.

So, if it is known that Hilary Clinton cannot save America, the only option left to consider is the ability of Donald Trump to do it.

But what should the USA and the World be saved from?

The threat of Islamic Terrorism?

To save America from Islamic Terrorism Donald Trump suggests to “suspend immigration from areas of the world where there's a proven history of terrorism against the United States, Europe or our allies until we fully understand how to end these threats”.

Donald Trump does admit his lack of understanding of the problem of anti‐US terrorism, but once he is elected President, he will only be able to save the USA from the threat of terrorism, if he understands the root causes of this threat.

The present wave of wars and terror has started as a US response to the events of 9/11 that came to be known as “War on Terror”.

The “War on Terror” has started with the US invasion of Afghanistan, then of Iraq (under G.W. Bush), followed by US involvements in Libya and Syria (under B.H. Obama).

None of this has “stopped terrorism”, but has lead to more terrorist acts and more wars.

The events of the 9/11 in their turn were the result of the policies of the US governments in the Middle East for the past 68 years. The main driving factor of these policies was the Israeli‐Arab conflict.

The essence of this conflict is the establishment by the UN (in practice Europe and the USA) of a Jewish state, to be populated by Jews from Europe and other parts of the world, in Palestine in 1948, which at that time had large non‐Jewish Arab population.

In the process of the establishment of this state some million of non‐Jewish Arab residents of Palestine were either killed, or expelled and became refugees in the neighboring Arab countries. And the struggle of these refugees to “liberate Palestine” from what they saw as “invasion by European Jews” became known as the Middle East Conflict.

And while the Palestinian Arabs sought help of the Arab countries, the Israeli Jews had to rely on support of Jewish citizens of the USA and Europe. Which has made this conflict global.

But, as Donald Trump is a real estate developer, there is no better person than him to understand the essence of this conflict.

As as real estate developer, Donald Trump knows that, if he wants to create a state for one people on a land inhabited by other people, he needs first to buy the land from its inhabitants, so they would move somewhere else. Then there will be no conflict. But, if this is not done, there will be a conflict, which will interfere with the development.

The people who established the State of Israel were not real estate developers, they were politicians, so, in stead of buying the land for their state, as real estate developers do, they resorted to violence of wars, and deceptions of diplomacy — because politicians know nothing else. And this has lead to the 68 years of wars and terror which continue today.

So, if Donald Trump wants to stop this global lawlessness, when he becomes the President of the USA, he needs to put an end to the Middle East Conflict.

The only truly peaceful and legal solution to the 68 years long Middle East Conflict is (1) to acknowledge the injustice that the creation of the Jewish State has caused to the non‐Jewish Arab residents of Palestine, (2) to compensate them monetarily for this injustice and (3) to provide them with an alternative citizenship, so that they can move out of Palestine, on condition that they abandon all claims to the land occupied by the Jewish state.

Such project is financially feasible, and was suggested to G.W. Bush in 2005. It was again presented to B.H. Obama in 2009. Both the presidents rejected this proposal, and preferred violence of wars and deceptions of diplomacy. The result of their decisions is the present global lawlessness.

Resolving the Middle East Conflict is the key to restoring global peace and stability.

Hillary Clinton cannot resolve it, because the people who pull her strings know nothing but wars and political intrigues.

Donald Trump is his own man, whose world‐view is not limited to wars and political intrigues. He can bring peace and stability to the USA and the whole world.

Resolving the Middle East Conflict will open the way to peaceful cooperative US relations with Russia, China, Japan, all the Arab states, Turkey, Iran, and the African countries. It will create a new stable and peaceful world.

It is now up to the people of the USA to elect Donald Trump, and up to Donald Trump to make his decision.

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