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Afghan Airlift Solution
Publication date: 2021-08-24

Solving the Kabul US Airlift Peacefully

The US withdrawal from Afghanistan is to end on 31 August 2021, and the US Government is trying to meet this deadline. But what happens, if they cannot achieve this deadline due to the large numbers of those who want to leave Afghanistan?

The US should formally handover the Kabul Airport to the Afghan Government, and the Afghan Government should allow the US/NATO Airlines and Military Aircraft to continue with their flights under the supervision and with help of the Afghan Government.

The Afghan Government should also set up a camp outside of the Airport area (similar to European refugee camps) for those who want to leave Afghanistan. In this camp all those who want to leave will be waiting for their turn, so as not to cause chaos in the Airport and surrounding areas.

Anybody who wants to leave Afghanistan with the US/NATO forces will have to go to this camp, where any documents will be checked or issued by the relevant authorities, and where he will stay until his evacuation.

This operation will be coordinated with the US/NATO officials to synchronise movements of the evacuees from the camp to the airport as the transport becomes available.

The costs of setting up and operating the camp, as well as all transportation costs will be paid by US/NATO, because it was their lawless invasion of Afghanistan that has caused these problems.

Once the evacuation procedure is completed, all US/NATO personnel taking part in this operation will leave Afghanistan.

Such arrangements will enable to end the lawless occupation of Afghanistan by the US/NATO forces on the set date, while allowing to continue the evacuation until it is completed in an orderly way under the control of the Afghan Government.

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