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Is homosexuality inborn?
Publication date: 2007-07-05

Why Some People are 'gay', While Others are 'straight'

We received the following message from a site visitor:

I had read your message posted on . And I, as a homosexual, am appalled by what you have stated about homosexual marriages. There clearly is not an issue with homosexuals adopting children, if anything it is better, because the children will have a home and a loving family. Study shows that you can not make someone gay, they are gay from birth and nothing can change that. In many cases it shows, parents are heterosexuals, but a child is homosexual. So there is no difference when the parents are homosexuals and the child is heterosexual. Within your statements I got an impression of ignorance and homophobia. It's against the [American] Constitution to not allow homosexuals to get married, because as stated: “ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL”. And, if I am not mistaken, that applies to blacks, whites, middle‐eastern, asian, homosexuals, mentally retarded, elderly, and crippled.

Our response:

Thank you for your comments.

We do not expect that all people will agree with what we say. We say what we believe to be true, and, if anybody will show to us that we are mistaken, we shall be grateful for correcting us.

Our articles on homosexuality are based on observation of homosexuality at a very close range for prolonged periods of time, in different countries and under different circumstances.

We do not see homosexuals as “abnormal” people or as a “special group”, they are perfectly ordinary normal people — just as smokers, people using alcohol, people visiting prostitutes, and any other people who allow their lives to be controlled by their addictions.

Anybody can have “gay sex”, as anybody can get drunk, or visit a prostitute. Those who do not do such things either understand that such acts are not good for them, or have been brought up to think that way.

In prisons some people become sodomized because of losing a game of cards — they gamble away their last, and sometimes the only, “asset” — the anal passage. Once this happens, previously “straight” people become “bent” or “gay”. And many people become “gay” because they want to try out a new experience, or are seduced into perverse sex by others.

Homosexual sex is behaviour, not an inborn characteristic. Nobody is born “gay”, as nobody is born a smoker of tobacco, or a drinker of alcohol, or a drug addict. But once people succumb to an addiction, this addiction takes over their whole life. And then they “become” drug addicts, alcoholics, or homosexuals, and this feature becomes the dominant part of their personality.

Homosexual behaviour is incorrect use of the human reproductive organs, which are intended for Reproduction of the Human Race, rather than for “entertainment”. And the only correct use of the anal passage is removal of the products of digestion from the stomach.

Thank you again for visiting our website.

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