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The Language of Hamas
Publication date: 2009-01-13

Are Hamas and Its Language Obstacles to Peace?

Some blame the current violence in Gaza on the language used by Hamas.

The language of Hamas (and of all "terror groups" in similar circumstances past and present) is the language of a 12 year old who had been robbed of some money and severely beaten up by a a dozen of grown-up professional heavy weight boxers.

As the gang start walking away, the boy, having got up on his feet, starts throwing pebbles at them and shouts, "I'll kill you all".

And when a passing-by policeman appears on the scene, one of the boxers says, "He is trying to kill us. Arrest him."

The boy cannot win, but he will continue with his belligerent reaction towards his attackers as long as he is physically able to do so, or until somebody interferes and resolves the issue on the basis of justice.

The difference between the above scene and the Palestinian case is that they are not one boy but millions of Palestinians, and millions of potential supporters.

But just as that boy, they will continue with their belligerence without hope of overpowering their more powerful enemy.

And while one boy can be killed, which would have stopped his resistance, this solution is not available in the Palestine conflict. Even, if the Israelis could kill all the current members of Hamas, re-occupy Gaza, and establish a draconian military rule, the conflict would still continue, all be it, in different ways. While Hamas, having been totally eliminated, would still win, as the Gaza massacre and the name of Hamas will inspire new generations to continue the Palestinian fight.

Neither Hamas (nor any other organization), nor the Israelis, can solve this conflict (the Israelis would need to kill too many people), nor can the parties agree it between themselves. The conflict needs to be solved by those who had created it in the first place, and those who continue to support continuation of this conflict while posing as peacemakers.

And this is Britain and the USA. Britain lacks adequate resources, and the burden falls on the US.

There is no need for the US government either to listen, or to talk, either to Hamas or to the Israeli Government, they need to address the millions of Palestinians, not as a nation, but as millions of private individuals, and to deal with them not as Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, or Christians, but as private individuals who happen to be victims of crimes against person and property, in which the US has been and remains the main culprit.

They need to:

  1. publicly acknowledge that expulsion of the Palestinians from their land and houses to make room for the State of Israel was an act of injustice for which the USA bears a large measure of responsibility, because it prevented the resolution of this conflict and encouraged its continuation;

  2. to offer to all Palestinians full US citizenship and adequate monetary compensation on condition that they re-settle in the USA within 3 years of the offer and abandon all claims to Palestinian land;

  3. there will be no compulsion on the Palestinians to accept this offer, but those Palestinians who will fail to accept it will effectively have abandoned all claims against the State of Israel, and will become (or remain) citizens of that state. (This is unlikely to be a large number, if the project is properly conducted and publicized, and will not present any danger to the State of Israel or its Jewish character. It is even possible that this number will be zero).
This will resolve the conflict and will be in the interests of all the parties concerned: the Palestinians, the Israelis, the neighbouring Arab states, and the rest of the world, including the US itself.

For more details, see:

And what about Tony Blair (the unconvicted war criminal)?

He can claim all the credit for this solution, and even a Peace Prize.

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