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Spinning a Third War?
Publication date: 2007-11-19

How the People of the USA Can Make the World a Safer Place.

The Iraq War started in March 2003, but on in September 2002 we examined the spin techniques used by the War on Terror fraternity to justify the war against Afghanistan, and noted that similar techniques were being used at that time to vilify Iraq and to prepare the public of their countries for a new war. So, while the International Community were preoccupied with the bogus issue of Saddam Hussain's Weapons of Mass Destruction, we were warning the citizens of the Global Village: “Now the Bush and Blair Team are about to unleash a war on Iraq”.

Now the same people are spinning justifications for a war against Iran, and again using the same techniques.

Regime Change in Iran has been part of Netanyahu's War on Terror ideology even before it became the foundation of the American foreign policy. And we considered the possible attack against Iran still in September 2003. And had the American War against Iraq proved the “cake walk” they were dreaming about, they would have attacked Iran straight after their hoped‐for Iraq triumph. It is only the difficulties they encountered in Iraq, that kept them from attacking Iran up to now.

We had noted, however, that, even, if they fail in Iraq, “they also might want to invade Iran to distract their electorate from the Iraq failure”. And this is precisely the situation today.

The War on Terror has failed to produce the expected results, and now with President Bush's term in office nearing the end, the War on Terror warriors feel that the end of the Bush presidency can also turn out to be the end of the War on Terror, and with it of all their dreams about a New Israel‐dominated Middle East. And it is this unfortunate for them course of events that they desperately seek to prevent by using the last year of the Bush presidency to launch a war against Iran.

Many say, “but the Afghan War and the Iraq War have turned out to be disastrous failures for the US. A war against Iran will be even more disastrous. The US cannot afford another disastrous war. They will not attack Iran”.

It was obvious from the start that the whole idea of War on Terror and of reshaping the Middle East by military means could not be anything but a disaster. But this did not prevent the US attacking Afghanistan and Iraq. Nor will it prevent them attacking Iran.

Ideological politicians do not think rationally. Their thinking is warped by their ideologies and desire to achieve political objectives. They live in the world of their own make‐belief and believe their own propaganda, and even, when they do know that they are wrong, they say, “It does not matter how we have got into this situation, right or wrong, we must win”.

Some say, but, if Iran agrees to the American demands, the war will be avoided.

But this is what they were saying before the US attack against Iraq: “If Saddam Hussain cooperates with the UN, the US will not attack Iraq”. Saddam Hussain did allow the UN inspections, but Iraq was attacked anyway.

The Iraq war was not the result of anything that happened in Iraq before the war, it was the result of internal American politics. And the only thing that could have prevented the US from attacking Iraq would have been fear of a nuclear retaliation. Iraq was attacked not because it had nuclear weapons, but because the UN inspections had confirmed that it had not, and the US felt safe to attack it.

The world is not safe today, and countries big and small spend vast amounts of their wealth on weapons, because those who start wars without valid reasons can get away with their crimes.

So, how can the non‐political rationally‐thinking people in the USA prevent the impending disaster of the American attack on Iran?

By impeaching George Bush for having started the Iraq war without a valid reason, and putting him on trial as a war criminal. This will “send the right signal” to all the other heads of states (big or small) who might wish to start a war. It will also remove the need of smaller countries for nuclear deterrents, and pave the way for a Global Nuclear Disarmament by all the countries of the world big or small.

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