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Stopping Terror in 2017
Publication date: 2017-01-31

Ending the Global Chaos of the Bush/Obama Years

Following the events of the 9/11 in 2001 the Government of G.W. Bush started a campaign to stop terrorism in the world, which they called “War on Terror”.

The ideology of this campaign was based on the ideas of B. Netanyahu, the present Prime Minister of Israel.

The essence of this campaign was to reshape the Middle East by replacing the “Arab Dictatorships” and the “Iran Ayatollah Regime” with “Democracies”. This was to be done either militarily (“Liberal Interventionism” of T. Blair), or through inducing internal change by fomenting and supporting democratic revolutions in these countries.

Once the “dictatorships” hostile to Israel and the West are replaced with pro‐Western Israel‐friendly “democracies” terrorism will disappear.

The US wars against Afghanistan and Iraq were the attempts to implement this program.

These wars, however, had resulted in heavy losses of the US military, had failed to stop terror within the time of the G.W. Bush presidency and were inherited by the B.H. Obama administration.

B.H. Obama had changed the G.W. Bush policy of wars on the ground, to continuing the wars by use of drones, which were targeted at “terrorists” and especially at their leaders.

He also continued with the policy of “promoting democracy” through “regime‐changes”. This was done by fomenting civil unrest in the target countries followed by “weaponization” and support of anti‐government groups.

Example of a “successful regime‐change” was the removal of the Libyan leader Mu'ammar al‐Qaddafi. The attempt to “topple” Bashar al‐Asad of Syria had failed.

Both G.W. Bush and B.H. Obama not only had failed to “stop terror”, but their wars had lead to increase in terrorist incidents in the USA and Europe. And while these incidents were minor compared with the millions killed in the War‐on‐Terror wars, they had disproportionate psychological effect on the public of the USA and Europe.

D.J. Trump, the present President of the USA, has inherited the unsolved problem of terrorism from his predecessors, whose attempts to “stop terror” not only had failed, but had proved “counter‐productive” resulting in increase of global violence they tried to end.

President Trump, having seen the failure of the policies of his predecessors, has adopted an approach of his own.

President Trump wants to stop the policy of wars and regime‐changes of his predecessors and to concentrate on re‐building his own country, the USA, which was badly affected by the costly Foreign Policy of the past.

As far as “stopping terror”, he acknowledges the need to develop a better understanding of this problem.

In the meanwhile, until the causes of this problem are understood, President Trump has imposed a temporary restriction on the admission to the USA of persons from the countries which he believes to be the places from where the “terrorists” come to the USA.

Such temporary restrictions on influx of persons, goods, or animals from areas believed to be sources of danger are known as “quarantine” and are commonly used as emergency measure in cases of outbreaks of epidemic diseases. Example of such emergency measures was a ban on imports of US beef by a number of countries in 2003 due to an outbreak of the mad cow disease in the USA. After that problem had been solved the imports of US beef had been resumed.

Temporary ban? — What next?

  1. First check whether any terrorists that committed terrorist acts in the past had come from the ban‐affected countries. Or did they come from elsewhere?
    If from elsewhere, amend the ban.

  2. Develop sufficient understanding of the causes of the present day terrorism. Most of the present day terrorism is the result of the Bush/Obama wars and regime changes from 2001 onward. But the 9/11 and any previous cases involving Arab countries are the result of the Middle East Conflict from 1948 onwards.

G.W. Bush and B.H. Obama both spoke of the need to resolve that conflict, but they could not come up with any workable solution.

President Trump intends to discuss this issue with President Putin of the Russian Federation. But, to resolve this issue for good, justice would need to be done to both the sides in this conflict.

The only workable solution, given the present state of affairs, is compensation and re‐settlement of all non‐Jewish Palestinian victims of the creation of the State of Israel in acceptable to them countries outside of Palestine.

Such project is financially feasible, and was suggested to G.W. Bush in 2005. It was again presented to B.H. Obama in 2009. Both the presidents rejected this proposal, and preferred violence of wars and deceptions of diplomacy. The result of their decisions is the present global lawlessness.

Resolving the Middle East Conflict is the key to restoring global peace and stability.

And as the policies of the Bush/Obama administrations had caused a major upheaval in the area with large areas reduced to rubble, the area will need to be rebuilt with the involvement of all the countries in the Middle East.

This will require end of sectarian hostilities between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is especially important for peace in Yemen.

President Trump and President Putin need to cooperate to restore Peace and Stability in the world which was destroyed during the Bush/Obama years.

The World Order of Bush/Obama based on lawless wars and regime changes needs to be replaced by a peaceful stable World Order based on Rule of International Law reconstructed from Prime Principles and based on Honesty and Justice.

The leading role in this historical task lies on the shoulders of President Trump of the USA and of President Putin of the Russian Federation.

All the other countries should assist them in every way in this noble endeavor.

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