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Islamic Government
Publication date: 2011-12-23

Are Islamic Governments Dangerous?

As the electoral results of the “Arab Spring” countries point to the popularity of “Islamist” parties, the question arises what is an “Islamic Government”?

And the answer is: “Islamic government is government that governs following the principles of government laid down in the Qur'an”. And the main principles of Islamic government are: “Govern justly, govern honestly, govern competently”.

And, as there is now an emerging universal movement for government that would be just, honest and competent, it is not surprising that in countries familiar with Islam those who promise to govern following the principles of Islam get the most support.

But is not Islam dangerous for those who call themselves “Us‐the‐West”?

Not, if they want to govern their own countries justly, honestly and competently. And they do not have to call their own governments “Islamic”, if they do not like the word “Islam”. They can call their own governments any names they want. But, as long as they govern justly, honestly and competently — they will be Islamic governments.

But, if they do not govern justly, honestly and competently, they will not be Islamic governments, even, if they call themselves “Islamic”.

It is all about what you do and how you do it, not how you call yourself.

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