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North Korea Nukes
Publication date: 2018-04-24

North Korea Nukes in the Eyes of the Western Media

The view presented by the Main Stream Western Media of the situation in North Korea is: “Kim is evil (by definition?), we (US/EU) are good (by definition). North Korea Nukes are danger, and we must disarm him (if we can)”.

But why North Korea needs nukes?

Because “we” (USA/EU) are threat and danger to North Korea, the rest of the world, and ourselves. And nothing “we” say can be trusted.

All North Korea wants is to trade with others and have normal relations. But it also needs to protect not just the government (Westernese: “regime”) but the country and the people.

Saddam Hussain and Muammar Qaddafi were not the only victims of the US/EU wars of aggression in their countries. There also was “collateral damage”: civilians, women, children. How many? Millions? And many areas were turned into rubble.

Why is it acceptable for US, UK, France, neither of which is under threat of foreign invasion or bombing, to have “nuclear deterrent”?

But not for North Korea, the government of which is called “regime” by US/EU, and US/EU have history of “regime‐changes” — wars of aggression for the purpose of replacing the government of a country with one of own choice, or of creation of chaos, like in Libya? And the violence with which they do it means hundreds of thousands (or millions) dead, and the country in ruins.

Is not North Korea entitled to protect itself from this “western” criminality?

How can any honest grown‐up person accept any of this “western” drivel about North Korea being danger, while US/EU being not the mass murderers that they are (Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen), but “humanitarian” protectors of Mankind?

Or do all the US/EU writers and readers live in an imaginary world totally disconnected from reality?

Total blindness to own crimes, threats and dangers to others?

President Trump can achieve some results from his visit to North Korea, like replacing hostility to North Korea with normal relations, but, until the present world order of unbridled US/EU criminality is replaced with a world order where countries like North Korea can feel safe without a nuclear deterrent, North Korean nuclear deterrent is the only means of protection it can rely on. The recent lawless “western” missile strikes on Syria is a proof of that.

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