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Zionism, anti-Zionism and the State of Israel
Publication date: 2009-03-27

Is Zionism the Root of the Problem?

People argue about “Zionism” and “anti‐Zionism”, but the real problem is neither Zionism, nor the reaction to it (“anti‐Zionism”), but that people take sides, argue without sense, and fight without reason, rather than considering the issues involved.

The issues are very simple.

For historical reasons some Jews living in Europe, the USA and other parts of the world wanted to settle in Palestine and create there a national state. As it happened, in the same area there lived some Arabs, who happened to be in the way of that state.

So, the obvious legitimate answer would have been to buy the property of those Arabs paying them enough money so they could re‐settle elsewhere, in which case there would not have been a conflict. But taking their property by force has created a conflict.

So, the problem is not Zionism or anti‐Zionism but inability of all the politicians involved to think straight and act lawfully and honestly rather than spinning ideologies and counter‐ideologies and seeking to achieve their ends by violence and deception (diplomacy).

Nations do not own houses. Private individuals or groups of individuals buy or inherit houses. And it is these private individuals who own their houses, not because they are Arabs or Jews, but because they are property owners. It is possible for an American to own a house in Dubai, and for a Gulf Arab to own a house in the US. And, if a government or some private group, want to use the land on which these houses stand, then the only lawful and honest option for them is to buy that land.

So, instead of wasting money on aid to Palestinian organisations and the Israeli government, the US government should grant the Palestinian Arabs (as private individuals) US citizenship and pay them sufficient compensation for the loss of property and all the crimes committed against them on condition that they resettle in the US and abandon all claims to Palestinian land. Then the Jews would have all of Palestine for their state and there will be no conflict. And all “Zionisms” and “anti‐Zionisms” will become just as irrelevant as “Communism” and “anti‐Communism” and other obsolete “isms”. And all the Middle East problems will be resolved.

The costs of such solution can be found at The Middle East Settlement 2005 and Solving Israel Palestinian Conflict in 2009.

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