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Use of Torture in the War on Terror
Publication date: 2004-05-09

Use of Torture for Political Purposes is Not New, but Now Torture has a Special Flavour ... Why?

The current world‐wide publicity caused by the photographs of torture by the Americans in the Abu Gharib jail in Baghdad is due mostly to the posture of the Americans as liberators, from whom such behaviour cannot be expected. Such expectation, however, does not take into account the realities of the current “War on Terror” and of the “Modern Western Culture”.

The current War on Terror has lead to the removal of all restrictions on those who are involved in that war — they can wage wars for no justifiable reasons, and they can kill people and destroy property without any limitations. It is enough to say “We are fighting terror”, and one can get away with wholesale genocide. We see examples of these genocidal policies in Chechnya, Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Faced with an “enemy” who has no fear of death, and prepared to endure pain, the War on Terror warriors are seeking other ways to subdue their “enemies”.

A part of the ideology of the War on Terror is fight against “Islamist fanaticism”. The Palestinians fighting against the Israelis who displaced them from their land, the Chechens fighting against the Russians who want to impose on them their rule, the Iraqis fighting against the foreign occupiers, or the Uyghurs fighting against the Chinese rule, are presented as fanatics who kill themselves so that they could go to Paradise. So, believing their own ideological assumptions the War on Terror warriors hope that, if they force their “enemies” to perform acts which are “sinful” according to their religion, then they will overcome the “religious fanaticism” by preventing the “fanatics” going to Paradise.

Thus, the Chinese before executing the Uyghurs put some alcohol into their food or drink. The reasoning is: “Alcohol is forbidden by your religion. You wanted to go to Paradise? But, now we have made you take some alcohol, and you will go to Hell. You can't win. We are stronger than you”.

The Russians use another trick, the bodies of the dead Chechen fighters who took part in the Moscow Theater incident were buried in pig skins. Again the same reasoning: “Your religion forbids you to eat pork, so, if we bury you in a pig skin, you will go to Hell. You can't win. We are stronger than you”.

Use of sodomization as a torture technique by Israelis against the Palestinians, and by the Americans in Iraq, forcing the Iraqi prisoners to perform perverse sexual acts, and parading of naked prostitutes in front of the prisoner cages in the American Guantanamo camps are further examples of the same approach. Perverse sex in America and Europe is now just as common and “socially acceptable” as use of alcohol. Americans and Europeans see oral and anal sex as pleasure, but for Muslims it is an abomination. So the American torturers think, “You think that we are perverts, but we shall make you a pervert like us”. They hope that by forcing Iraqi prisoners to have perverse sex, they will corrupt them and subdue them to their will.

But all the above reasonings are based on ignorance of Islam.

Unlike “dogmatic” religions with which the Europeans and Americans are more familiar, Islam is based not on “dogmas”, but on reason.

Thus, eating pork is prohibited, because pork is not healthy. But, if a person is in a situation where he has no choice and the only food available to him is pork, otherwise he would starve to death or suffer damage to his health, then it is not “sin” for him to eat pork under such conditions.

And any action which is forced upon a person against his will is not “sin”.

And, if a person is forced to perform an act as torture or humiliation by an enemy, like alcohol being poured into his mouth by force, or being subjected to a sodomitic act, then he is not a sinner but a tortured martyr, and the more torture or humiliation his enemy is trying to force upon him, the greater the degree of martyrdom he undergoes.

So, being forced to take alcohol before death, being buried in a pig skin by an enemy, or being sodomized as part of torture are not humiliations as they are intended to be by the enemies, they are the highest of honours that a fighter can attain. The harder and the more humiliating the torture, the higher the degree of martyrdom.

As Prince Charles once said, Islam is indeed the most misunderstood religion. But, then, if they were capable of understanding Islam, would they have been what they are today?

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