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Are the War-on-Terror Wars Over?
Publication date: 2014-12-31

Is the NATO Withdrawal from Afghanistan the End of the War-on-Terror?

On the 2014–12–28 the NATO forces in Afghanistan announced the conclusion of their military operations in the country, and US war against Iraq was ended in 2010.

Does the end of these two War‐on‐Terror wars mark the end of the “War on Terror” itself?

But what is the War on Terror?

It was an attempt to “re‐structure the Middle East” in accordance with the books and speeches by Benjamin Netanyahu, which was undertaken by the G.W. Bush government of the USA, following the events of the 9/11.

The essence of this campaign was to “democratize the Arab Dictatorships and the Iran Regime”, i.e. to replace the governments of the Middle East countries with “Israel‐friendly democracies”.

Has this objective been achieved?


So, what was achieved?

Millions of people killed, millions of refugees, waste of trillions of dollars, and continuing world‐wide chaos.

There were also some attempts to resolve the Palestinian Question by negotiations and through the UN.

They all failed.


Because the USA and Europe, who are in control of the modern world, have failed to govern the world honestly and justly.

So, while the War‐on‐Terror wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been “officially” ended, the violence which they were expected to put an end to, has not stopped, but has spread and multiplied.

And this will continue until the world leaders will accept the need for just and honest governance — government by Rule of Law, rather than by violence and deception of Politics.

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