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The Way to Middle East Peace Now
Publication date: 2018-08-05

Directions on Establishing Peace in the Middle East Now

To end the present cycle of global violence caused by the Middle East Conflict Palestinian Compensation and Resettlement Project must be set up under the auspices of the United Nations Organization by the countries which bear direct responsibility for this conflict in accordance with WCJ Decision on the Israel‐Palestine Conflict.

The project will operate as follows:

  1. Palestinian Compensation and Resettlement offices will be established in Palestine, countries having Palestinian refugee camps, and the USA.

  2. The purpose of the non‐USA offices will be to verify the applicants' entitlement to compensation and to enable them to move to the USA.

  3. The purpose of the USA offices will be to grant the compensees US citizenship, to facilitate their initial settling in the USA, and to arrange the monthly payments of the compensation.

  4. Public announcements will be made that the PCRP (Palestinian Compensation and Resettlement Project) is to start operation on YYYY–MM–DD, and any person entitled to the compensation under this project can apply to the nearest PCR office to be compensated under this project within 5 year from the start of the project date.

  5. For the period of 5 years continuous publicity for the project will be maintained through advertising to ensure that the persons entitled to the compensation are informed about this project.

  6. On application to a non–USA PCR office, the applicants' entitlement to the compensation will be verified, and, if the verification is successful, they will be transported to a USA PCR office, which will deal with their resettlement and payments to them of the compensation.

  7. Entitlement to the PCR is (1) Palestinian Refugee status (original refugee or descendant), (2) native residence of the territories occupied by Israel in 1967.

  8. PCR is not compulsory, but those who fail to claim their compensation within the 5 years will be deemed to have abandoned their entitlement to the compensation.

There will be initial reluctance on the part of the Palestinians to take this compensation due to mistrust and misunderstanding, but once a few families have successfully resettled in the USA, and with continuous publicity given to the project, the majority will claim their compensation, and this will end the 70 years old conflict.

The Palestinians will become reasonably wealthy US citizens, and the existence of Israel as a Jewish State, as it was intended by the Balfour Declaration in 1917, will become fully legitimate and universally accepted.

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