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Afghan Peace
Publication date: 2021-08-20

Accidental Peace and How to Make it Last?

Having understood that continuation of the US/NATO occupation of Afghanistan is not in the American Interests, President Biden set a date for the withdrawal of the US presence from Afghanistan and proceeded to implement this decision.

His calculation was that, after 20 years of the US occupation, the Afghan government installed by the USA and its army, set up, trained and equipped by the USA, will take control of the country and negotiate a peace settlement with the Taliban.

But the moment the US troops left, the Taliban took control of all the country, proclaimed the war over, and established their government. They also proclaimed amnesty for those who fought against them and collaborated with the foreign occupation. Many of those who collaborated with the foreign invaders, however, rushed to the Airport hoping to leave Afghanistan with the US and NATO forces. This has caused some stampede at the airport and around it.

The speed with which this happened has produced surprise within the Western Media and political circles, with headlines like “Fall of Afghanistan”, “Afghan Tragedy” ….

But the “Fall of Afghanistan” and the “Afghan Tragedy” happened 20 years ago when the then President of the USA, George W. Bush, ordered bombing of Afghanistan, and the US and NATO forces invaded Afghanistan, which was followed by 20 years of slaughter and destruction. But then, 20 year ago, the Western Media headlines were “We Go to War!”, not "Fall" and "Tragedy".

So, why do the Western Media call peace and end of foreign occupation of Afghanistan “fall” and “tragedy”?

Because by the word “Afghanistan” they mean not the majority of the population of the country, but those Afghans who collaborated with the foreign forces or served in the army created by the foreign forces to protect the government which the foreign forces imposed on Afghanistan after they invaded the country 20 years ago. It is the fall of this imposed by them government that they call “Fall of Afghanistan” and which they see as the “Afghan Tragedy”.

But this “Afghanistan” set up by the foreign powers could only survive as long as the foreign powers occupied the country. And, as long as the foreign forces stayed in the country, the war would continue, and there would be no peace. The only way to achieve peace in Afghanistan was to withdraw the US/NATO forces, and this withdrawal meant the end of the imposed by them government.

Now the war is over, and Afghanistan is free from foreign occupation and has its own native government supported by the majority of the people of Afghanistan.

And even for the USA and NATO countries this peace is a cause for joy and celebration, not for screams of “Fall” and “Tragedy”. Their soldiers will stop dying in foreign for them land for no benefit to their own countries. And their countries' wealth will not be squandered on megalomaniac geopolitical fantasies of their governing elites.

But this peace cannot be taken for granted. One can hear some Western voices saying that the withdrawal of the US/NATO troops will make Afghanistan “a hotbed of terror”, because they see the Taliban as “terrorists” and “harbourers of terrorists”, while the US/NATO countries as “promoters and guardians of human rights, freedom, and democracy”.

But the Taliban, were neither “terrorists” nor “harbourers of terrorists”. Osama bin Laden stayed in Afghanistan, because he and his group fought together with the Taliban fighters against the USSR occupation (1979–1989), and the USA were their allies.

When G.W. Bush demanded that the Taliban handover Osama bin Laden to the USA, they arrested him and told G.W. Bush that they will hand him over subject to a guarantee of a fair trial. But G.W. Bush rejected the offer and started the war. The Taliban released Osama bin Laden, and he disappeared, until a few years later found in Pakistan and assassinated on the order of Barack Obama.

The Taliban did not “harbour Osama bin Laden”, they offered to hand him over, but the Western Media and Politicians were repeatedly asserting that the USA/NATO started the war, because “the Taliban were harbouring al-Qaida” to justify a wanton war of aggression — crime against peace.

But the Taliban were fighting the Western Invaders only to liberate their country from their invasion. Now, that the invaders are leaving Afghanistan, the Taliban are not seeking revenge for the atrocities the “West” has committed against their people. They proclaimed peace and amnesty for those who collaborated with the invaders.

But this peace and amnesty are only for the crimes committed during the war that ended. They are not a license to continue with any anti-government activities after the end of the war.

The countries which took part in the criminal invasion of Afghanistan should abandon all hostilities against the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and all interference in its internal affairs. They should deal with the IEA on equal terms.

The same applies to all those Afghans who cooperated with the foreign invaders. They should accept the authority of the Government of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, and not engage in any anti-government or socially harmful activities. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is not a “western democracy” where it is allowed to “protest” against the government by causing disturbance to the people and damage to their property, as can be observed in the lawless “west”.

Any person who has any complaint against the government should submit his complaint to the appropriate authority and, if his complaint is valid, it will be dealt with, and, if not, he will be explained why not.

Government by mob violence, slogans, false arguments, and political conspiracies is not acceptable in Islamic Law. Nor are any activities which harm and corrupt the society (like alcohol, drugs, and indecent clothing and behaviour). Such activities will be stopped and the guilty punished.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is not against any country, East or West, North or South. It respects their right to govern themselves as they choose. But all the other countries should respect the rights of all other countries to govern themselves the way they choose, and not seek to impose their ways on others.

If this principle is accepted by all the countries, there will be peace, not only in Afghanistan, but in the whole world.

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