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Ukraine 2022
Publication date: 2022-01-27

How Will the Present Ukraine Crisis End?

While the West keeps guessing when Russia will invade Ukraine, and Russia is conducting its military drills, the real issue is not Ukraine, but US/NATO attempts to save the dominated by them World Order.

If Russia does not invade Ukraine and ends its drills, the West will say: "We are in command and a force for good! We have saved Ukraine from the Russian Aggression."

And as the words "Russian Aggression" are being repeated continuously in the Media, the Public Mind will absorb them, and will see Russia as an aggressor, whose vile designs have been defeated by the guardian of freedom, democracy and human rights - the West. And all the crimes of wars of aggression and the atrocities of the past 20 years committed by the USA and NATO will be blotted out of the Public Mind forever.

But the Russians have no intention to invade Ukraine, and they can keep their troops where they are as long as they want. And, if they keep their troops where they are for a year, two, three, ..., then the West will run out of their invasion predictions, and will be looking more and more what they really are, a circus of clowns trying to win the "battle of hearts and minds" by grimacing in front of TV cameras.

And the more they look as a circus of clowns, the more they will be losing the support of their own people. They are already in very low esteem in their own countries. And their Ukraine "Last Ditch Stand" is an attempt to recover their lost respect in their own countries, and in the world.

The very ideas of "the West", NATO, the whole US Foreign Policy, and the ideology of "liberal democracy" are totally out of place in today's world. They are causing endless crises and loss of lives and wealth. They have no future.

The only reason they continue to exist is that there are still no group of people in the USA and NATO countries ready to replace the rotten order. But, as the need for scrapping this rotten order becomes more and more obvious, such people are bound to appear.

They will not be "revolutionaries" offering a new utopia, but people of sound judgment and common sense, who do not believe in such modern fads like "non-binary people", or "real equality", or "liberal democracy". They will be real conservatives, who will want to save the human civilization from its present terminal decay lead by the West.

They will end all hot and cold wars, disband all military alliances, and will establish normal trading relations with all countries.

The world does not need American Leadership, it needs to put an end to the American Criminality of wars of aggression and political intrigues which keep the word in a state of constant crisis.

But what about the Ukraine Crisis?

The Ukraine Crisis arose in 2014, when, after a regime-change, the majority Russian areas of Ukraine wanted to separate from Ukraine and join the Russian Federation.

This is a problem for Ukraine, but, if they claim the right of Ukraine to be independent of Russia, they need to accept the same right of the Ukrainian ethnic Russians in their majority areas to be independent of Ukraine.

There was no Ukraine Crisis before the 2014 regime-change, and there will be no Ukraine Crisis, if Ukraine accepts the right of the ethnic Russians to chose their destiny. Otherwise Ukraine will continue to be part of the West's Cold War against Russia, with all the consequences.

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