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Homosexuality among Animals and Humans
Publication date: 2003-10-06

Some People are Seeking the Truth about Gay Animals ...

Some people are seeking “the truth about gay animals”. And one does hear arguments that, because some animals perform homosexual acts between themselves, homosexuality is “natural”, and therefore should be practiced by humans as “an alternative lifestyle”.

So, what is the truth? Do “gay animals” exist? Is their behaviour natural? And, if it is, does this justify homosexual behaviour among humans?

This discussion is limited to animals, whose reproductive process is based on sexual interaction between a male and a female, following which the female produces offspring. Among such animals the reproductive process is driven by instinct and is usually seasonal. Such animals, under natural conditions, also tend to live in groups. When the mating season comes, the males of the species become sexually excited and begin to pursue females. Such chase eventually leads to a sexual act between the male and the female, who becomes pregnant and produces offspring.

But what happens, when animals with such reproductive process find themselves in unnatural circumstances, such as captivity or domestication, where their behaviour is at the mercy of the humans?

Their natural instincts still remain, and at the appropriate for them season they become sexually excited, just as they would have been in the wild. But a dog living alone in a human family is not a wolf in a pack of wolves, it is totally dependant on its human master. Its master might arrange a mating session with some other dog, but what if he does not? The mating instinct is still there, and one might observe dogs deprived of the possibility of satisfying their natural instinct in the natural way, attempting to “have sex” with its owner's shoe, or any other object the size and shape of which is remotely reminiscent of a dog. And if, when taken for a walk, it meets a dog of the same sex, it will try to “have sex” with that dog, or even with some different animal of appropriate size and shape.

But does this mean that such dog is “homosexual”? Would such dog prefer to “have sex” with a dog of the same sex or its owner's shoe, rather than having a normal relationship with a dog of the opposite sex, if it had access to one? The answer is clearly: “No, it would not”.

What we are observing in such cases is an animal driven by normal natural instinct, but being unable to satisfy it in the normal natural way, satisfying it in an unnatural way due to the unnatural circumstances.

Yes, animals can be forced to perform “homosexual” acts, by depriving them from the possibility to perform their reproductive functions in the natural way. It is also possible to teach animals to have sex with humans. But it does not follow from this that animals are naturally ”homosexual”. All it means is that animals are not free — they are driven by their instincts. The purpose of these instincts is to enable the animals to live for a certain limited period of time and during that period to produce offspring, which will ensure that the particular animal species survives from generation to generation. But, when the external conditions are such that this purpose cannot be achieved, the animal cannot make a choice over its actions, but continues to be driven by its instincts, without achieving their intended purpose.

But the difference between a man and an animal is that Man has reason which he uses to control his instincts and urges. Rather than being driven by his instincts, he can make conscious decisions which can be either to his benefit or to his loss.

But to make decisions which will be to Man's benefit, Man has to understand the purpose of the intended by him actions, the ways in which this purpose can be achieved, and the results which these actions will produce. Man also has to be able to control his instincts, and replace them with conscious rational acts.

Such informed rational behaviour is not “natural” like the primitive instincts of an animal — it is the result of a prolonged learning process, which begins in early childhood and continues throughout the whole of Man's life.

This learning process consists of natural imitation of behaviour of others, deliberate teaching and training by the parents and other people, natural ability to learn from observation and experience, and the ability to make logical deductions from known facts and relationships between these facts.

Without such learning process Man is left to his primitive instincts, just like an animal.

And just like animals are not naturally “homosexual”, Man is not naturally “homosexual”, but, just like animals, he has an instinctive urge to satisfy his sexual drives. And just like animals, if he cannot find the natural ways of satisfying his natural sexual drives and, if he has not learnt to control his sexual drives through reason and will, he will seek to satisfy his sexual drives in unnatural1 ways, such as homosexuality, bestiality2 or masturbation.

This explains why homosexual behaviour among humans is common when people are forced to live among people of the same sex and deprived of contact with people of opposite sex, such as prisons, boarding schools, orphanages, convents, etc. This is like animals living in captivity.

But the present spread of “homosexuality” in Europe and America, and its acceptance as “normal” and as “an alternative lifestyle” is due not to mere inability of people to control their sexual drives and to use them in a Nature‐intended way for the benefit of Man. It is the result of a social and political fashion.

To understand this social and political fashion, one has to look at what existed before it.

The human reproductive process (“sex”) has always played a very important role in human life — next after the need for air, thirst for water and hunger for food. Without air, water and food humans cannot survive as individuals, without the correct use of the reproductive process humans cannot survive as a species. The same is true for animals, but because Man has the ability to control his instincts, and needs to exercise this ability for the benefit of the Human Race, Man needed to discover the correct ways of using his reproductive process and to be able to pass this knowledge from generation to generation. These rules of Human reproductive behaviour were part of the general set of rules of Human behaviour, which were known as “religion3”.

Thus in all religions we shall find attempts to control the human reproductive process. Some ways of human sexual behaviour (homosexuality, masturbation, sex outside of marriage) are declared as wrong (or sinful), others as allowed (normal reproductive sex between husband and his wives). We find such laws in the Bible and the Qur'an. It is clear that their purpose is to ensure that Man controls his instincts, and ensures that his reproductive organs are used in the Nature‐intended ways — reproduction of the Human Race.

While a person of understanding will have no difficulty to understand that such laws are necessary for the successful survival of the Human Race, on the majority of people these laws were imposed by fear of punishment — of severe punishments in this world, and of eternal punishment in Hell.

With the abandonment of religion in Europe and its former colonies (America, Australia, etc.) religion‐based morality was abandoned as well. This abandonment of sex related morality became known as “sex liberation”. Homosexuality was decriminalized, sex outside of marriage became a norm, and marriages between persons of the same sex became lawful. Sexual instincts began to be used by commercial and political interests to manipulate the public.

Children began to be encouraged to experiment with oral and anal sex from early age at school and by magazines aimed specifically at the “teen‐age market”. A “pop culture” has emerged driven almost exclusively by “sex‐appeal”, and aimed mostly at immature young people (although with an increasing number of people this immaturity continues far into adulthood, and even into “the old age”). And much of the content of films, books, magazines and newspapers published today is dominated by “sex”.

“Sex” is presented and seen not as a reproductive process, the aim of which is procreation of the Human species, but as a source of “pleasure” and an aim in itself. This is accompanied by other “sources of pleasure” like alcohol4 and drugs.

In such context homosexuality is seen as just another way of “enjoying sex”, and is promoted as a fashionable “alternative lifestyle”.

To overcome the natural revulsion to perverse sex, which most people naturally have, homosexuality is promoted by public processions, called “gay pride parades”. And the major political parties are going out of their way to attract “the gay vote”. Now, there is even talk about making it unlawful to say anything against homosexuality. So it is possible that in a near future anybody who will say that homosexuality is wrong will be punished by imprisonment or a heavy fine.

This sex, alcohol and drugs based culture is promoted as “modern”, and countries where such culture is resisted are daubed as “backward”.

But such sex, alcohol and drugs based cultures are not new — they are older than the Bible. Such culture prevailed at the time of the decay of the Ancient Babylon, and in the ancient Palestinian cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. And it is out of the ashes of such failed civilizations that religion of Abraham had emerged.

And it took forty years of wandering in the desert before Moses had succeeded to wean his people from the sex orgies around the golden calf and to make them accept the Ten Commandments which became the basis of morality for a major part of Mankind for a few millennia.

And such Sodomitic culture became prevalent in the Roman Empire. And it is amid such Sodomitic culture that Jesus spread the religion of the Hebrew prophets among the non‐Jews of Palestine ruled by a Roman puppet Herod. And Herod sought to have Jesus killed, but it was the Romans that ended up accepting Christianity.

And it was against the background of a decadent culture that the Prophet Muhammad brought to Mankind the same morality restated for his times, which became known as Islam.

Today we see as the spread of the Sodomitic culture is accompanied by spread of dishonesty5, violence and misgovernment, and, as in the past, the“modern” Sodomitic civilization will lead to people re‐discovering the truth of the prophetic teachings of the Bible and the Qur'an.

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1) The meaning of “unnatural” in this case is “use of the reproductive organs contrary to their Nature‐intended purpose — reproduction of the species”.

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2) The word “bestiality” means humans having sex with animals.

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3) The root meaning of the word “religion” is “binding” or “constraining” [human behaviour].

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4) There is a 20th century saying: “Happiness is to get drunk until you throw up”. But the reason that people drink alcohol is to weaken or completely suppress their rational control over their behaviour. In the early stages of alcoholic intoxication people begin to lose control over their actions and their animal instincts take over. Most crimes involving rape and violence are the result of use of alcohol. Drinking over that stage leads to loss of control over bodily functions — people begin to lose their ability to walk and even to stand. The final stage is the drunk lying on the pavement amid his own vomit and urine. A strange idea of “happiness”. And they tend to spend much of their earnings on bringing themselves to such state.

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5) At the end of the 19th century in Britain a slip of paper with a handwritten promise to repay a debt, known as “IOU” (I owe you), was almost as good as a bankers draft. In the middle of the 20th century there were no cheque guarantee cards, cheques issued by private people seldom “bounced”, and many transactions were still based on trust. Now, no shops will accept a cheque without a cheque guarantee card, and transactions based on trust are a thing of past history.

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