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The Middle East After the G8
Publication date: 2005-07-09

Will the G8 Three Billions Solve the Middle East Conflict?

They say, that the G8, “the eight most powerful people on Earth”, agreed a package of help for the Palestinian Authority, amounting to up to three billion dollars in the years to come, “so that two states, Israel and Palestinian, two peoples and two religions can live side by side in peace”, to use Tony Blair's words.

Will this resolve the “Middle East Conflict”?

If “three billion dollars” means $3,000,000,000,000 (the English usage), rather than $3,000,000,000 (the American usage), then this amount of money could be sufficient to resolve the Middle East Conflict for good, … but not by giving the money to the Palestinian Authority “so that two states, Israel and Palestinian, two peoples and two religions can live side by side in peace”.

Giving this money to the Palestinian Authority “so that two states, Israel and Palestinian, two peoples and two religions can live side by side in peace” will not resolve the Middle East Conflict, because the causes of this conflict are not ethnic and religious differences between the two people, but crimes against the property of some million private individuals who happened to live in that area, and who were driven out of their properties to make room for the Israeli State.

So, if, the $3,000,000,000,000 are used to compensate the victims of these crimes for the injustices inflicted upon them, then the dispute will be resolved for good.

But, if this money is given to the Palestinian Authority, in the hope that they will “crack down on the militants” and suppress all opposition to Israel, then this will not work, just as it did not work under Yasser Arafat.

This is because the authority of the Palestinian Authority among the Palestinians is dependent on it being seen as “fighting for the Palestinian Rights”. And the meaning of these “Palestinian Rights” is “return of the Palestinian Land to the Palestinians”. Since “land” is real estate, it is possible to replace it with equivalent (or better) asset in a different place, but it is impossible to replace it with a “welfare package”, which Blair is hoping to do.

So, if the Palestinian authority is given the $3,000,000,000,000, but the issues of the Palestinian property rights (which includes the Jerusalem Mosques) are not resolved, then this money will finish by being used to finance prolongation of the conflict, not its resolution, just as it happened with the money given to the Palestinian Authority under Yasser Arafat.

And as far as the vision of “two states, Israel and Palestinian, two peoples and two religions living side by side in peace”, this is just another political dream similar to the American dream of being welcomed by the Iraqis with flowers, when they lawlessly and criminally invaded Iraq.

The developments on the ground in Palestine have reached such point that a two state solution has become an impossibility — the Israelis will not move back from much of the West Bank and will not abandon their “over 2000 years old dream of Golden Jerusalem”, and the Palestinians will not give up their “Struggle for their Land”.

And the only solution to this conflict, is to publicly acknowledge the rights of the Palestinians to their land, and to agree with them a just compensation for the injustices inflicted upon them, and this can be done at the cost of $3,000,000,000,000 over 20 years.

But this is Justice, not Politics. And justice is something that Tony Blair, the politician, does not understand, is afraid of, and inwardly hates — because it makes him feel insecure. And this is why he prefers to “throw money at the problem”, rather than resolving its real causes, even, if at the back of his mind he knows, it will not work.

And Politics inevitably leads to conflicts and Terror, while Justice is the only way to a peaceful and secure world.

But what about those evil barbarians who killed some 50 people in London?

The reason that the Civilized World calls them evil barbarians is because they killed some 50 people, and killed them in London. Had they killed some 50,000, rather than only 50, and had they killed them not in London, but in Iraq, Afghanistan, or Palestine, they would have been called not evil barbarians, but Leaders of the Civilized World, and would have been attending the G8 Summit next to the Good and the Great, the likes of George Bush and Tony Blair, who, by their War on Terror have caused some 50,000 deaths in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine, Madrid, Bali, and, yes, indirectly and by provocation, the 50 deaths in London.

And again they use the public outrage at the 50 deaths, to justify their own, far greater, crimes.

But the greatest crime committed by George Bush and Tony Blair is that by their War on Terror, they destroyed whatever traces of International Law that existed in the world. They destroyed them, so as to put themselves in positions of unlimited power and rule the world by emotive speeches, just as Hitler did.

And because today there is nobody to stand up to these lawless demagogues, chaos and bloodshed will continue to rule the world for years to come.

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