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Litvinenko - Another Victim of Politics
Publication date: 2006-11-26

War on Terror and the Litvinenko Affair

Alexander Litvinenko, a former Russian spy, died in a British hospital poisoned by Polonium‐210, and before his death blamed Vladimir Putin for this poisoning. And all this has been on the top pages of the World Media.

One of the facts seen to support the claim that Putin was responsible for the death of Litvinenko is that, the Russian parliament recently approved a law to allow the Russian security services to assassinate any person seen as terrorist, or a supporter of terrorism (moral or otherwise) anywhere in the world.

Such assassinations had been performed even before this law was introduced, one of them was killing a Chechen in one of the Gulf states.

But killing terrorists and their supporters has been part of G.W. Bush's doctrine of War on Terror from the time of it's announcement some 5 years ago. Thousands had been killed by the Israelis in Palestine, and tens (or even hundreds) of thousands in Iraq and Afghanistan by the Americans and their allies. And all these killings were justified by the War on Terror doctrine.

The remarkable feature of the Litvinenko affair is that the World Media has united in condemnation of the Litvinenko assassination, and in their calls for investigation of the possible involvement of V. Putin. The same media, however, did not call for investigation of the killings in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan, and for bringing those responsible for these killings (G.W. Bush and T. Blair) to justice.

Why the killing of 148 people by Saddam Hussain as a reprisal for an attempt to assassinate him, or the killing of one Russian, are seen as crimes, while the killings of 10,000s or even 100,000s on the orders of G.W. Bush and T. Blair without any reason are seen as legitimate actions?

What is the difference between the Israeli reprisals against the Palestinians, involving 1,000s deaths, and the killing by Saddam Hussain of 148 people for which he was sentenced to death by hanging?

Are the killings of 10,000s (or 100,000s) of Iraqis, Afghans or Lebanese by depleted uranium (or phosphorus) bombs so much more humane than the killing of Litvinenko, that the killer of Litvinenko is seen as a criminal, while the mass killers of the War on Terror Coalition are seen as the “International Community” or the “Forces of Freedom and Democracy” or “The West”?

But even the assassination of Litvinenko was inspired and encouraged by the lawlessness of the War on Terror Doctrine invented by Benjamin Netanyahu, implemented by G.W. Bush and promoted and justified by T. Blair.

It is difficult to see how the legitimacy of the International Community can be restored without putting G.W. Bush and T. Blair on trial for their crimes.

As long as G.W. Bush and T. Blair remain at large, as long as their actions are not condemned by the World Media as crimes against humanity, politicians will continue to kill and destroy as they have been doing for the past 5 years.

Alexander Litvinenko is just another victim of that collective mass crime the name of which is “politics”.

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