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Yemen War Questions (1)
Publication date: 2015-05-28

Yemen War Questions from a Yemeni Private Person (1)

We received a following communication from a private Yemeni national:

For more than 64 days of continuous air shelling by Saudi and other alliance countries air strikes resulted in deaths of thousands of innocent Yemeni civilians.

They destroyed everything.

They targeted civilians more than military targets.

They destroyed houses, schools, factories, markets mosques, airports, roads, bridges, fuel stations, electricity network, vehicles.

They targeted innocent civilians in villages and farms, historical and archaeological sites.

Even refugee camps were targeted by air shelling (Amazraq refugee camp — Haja Province).

The decision of war against a country already classified as poorest country in the world and destroying its infrastructure that already very weak infrastructure has no logic, moral or ethical reason.

Suddenly the air shelling over the heads of sleeping innocent civilians with no faults from their sides.

Suddenly the health situation turned to be catastrophic.

Hospitals are full of dead and injured civilians with severe lack and shortage in essential medicines.

Orphans centers closed their doors and orphan children lost their secured centers.

The numbers of displaced civilians increased day by day seeking safe places.

Kidney centers closed their doors for kidney patients who needs urgent dialysis.

Many families lost their kids and their life too.

Private hospitals closed and governmental hospitals are receiving dead and injured innocent civilians only.

Absolutely — genocide against innocent civilians.

A collective punishment and blockade for more than 64 days?

Targeting the electricity network, vehicles carrying goods and essential human life necessities, airports and cross border points leads to isolation of the entire country from the world.

And massacres against humanity without reason is considered as war crimes against humanity.

Targeting military targets (Camps) which located around civilians and within cities that lead to death of thousands of innocents civilians are not war crimes?

Where is the sense of moral and ethical responsibility towards civilians?

Most of military camps in Yemen are allocated within the cities and this is due to militaristic mentality of the former regime of former president Saleh who implemented a militaristic system at the expense of food, economic development and education of the Yemeni society.

So, if targeting of military sites leads to deaths of thousands of innocent civilians, where is the sense of responsibility towards the innocent civilians here?

I do not have clear information about the international law concerning the safety of civilians in case of war, but I believe that random air shelling of military targets camps where dangerous weapons are stored considered as war crimes against humanity.

Where is the ethical and moral sense of responsibility towards civilians here?

The decision to start a war

Who takes decision to start a war and why?

Are there any logical, ethical or moral concepts behind this decision or even any future strategic benefits?

Has the catastrophic impact of this unfair and unhuman war been considered?

If decision of war was taken against the former president, Saleh, or the Houthie insurgents, then why punish the entire innocent population of the country?

Is it logical or moral to take decision to start a war and commit genocide against innocent civilians?

If the war decision was taken to return President Hadi, is this logical or ethical reason to commit genocide against innocent civilians?

Continuous blockade, isolation and air shelling, isolating the entire country from the rest of the world with continuous air shelling and killing thousands of innocent civilians is absolutely genocide committed against humanity.

The view by the International Community (Security Council) of the Yemeni Nationals and the War Decision

  1. How does the International Community see the Yemeni nationals?
  2. What is the percentage of those who support the former president Saleh?
  3. What is the percentage of those who support the Houthie insurgent?

Saleh supporters and Houthies supporters not represent all the Yemeni nationals and their percentage is so negligible.

Yes, they have the power, but they do not represent all the Yemeni nationals. So, it is not logical and unethical to take a decision of war and punish the entire country because of a few rebels.

Relief organizations — the ethical and human responsibility of the International Community

Now there an urgency for opening airports, cross borders and sea ports.

Now the International Community must show and prove their ethical and human responsibilities towards innocent civilians and give a chance for all relief organizations to enter the country and starts giving hand to the civilians ASAP.

64 days of random air shelling has lead to deaths and injuries thousands of innocents civilians. The disabilities (physical and mental) require quick and prompt humanitarian and rehabilitation relief from different relief organizations and this is under ethical, moral and human responsibility of International organizations.

Attached images of the massacres of innocent Yemeni civilians by daily Saudi air shelling.

Prompt Stopping of Violence and Resumption of Negotiations

All those who committed crimes against innocent civilians to be brought to trial.

Read our reply to this communication here.

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