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Yemen War Questions (2)
Publication date: 2015-06-04

Yemen War Questions from a Yemeni Private Person (2)

We received a following communication from a private Yemeni national:

70 Days of continuous air shelling, 67 days of genocides, blocked and collective punishment against innocents Yemen civilians by Saudi and its alliance countries.

Air strikes with total absence of [protection by] the International Community and its ethical and human responsibility?

They are committing genocide every day.

They are targeting innocent civilians and killing us every day with cool blood.

Full residential areas were destroyed by air shelling.

Thousands of innocent civilians are being killed, and hospitals are full of dead and injured innocent civilians.

The entire country facing severe shortage in all essential medicines as kidney patients, dialysis centers (urgent need for continuous electricity), oncology and hematology centers, diabetic centers, cardiac centers, essential medicines and anesthetics for operation.

The blockade and daily air shelling for more 68 days leads to deprivation of the people from foods, clean water and the simplest daily life requirements.

Airports must be open and the relief organizations must give chance and enter the country and starts its humanitarian aid practices and rescuing the innocent civilians.

All humanitarian and relief organizations must resumed its humanitarian and health aids activists, this includes UN humanitarian and health organizations as world health organization, UNICEF, and other organizations like ADRA, gtz, chilled care, chilled safe, Islamic Relief, Qatar charity all must give chance to enter the country ASAP.

Attached images of the massacres of innocent Yemeni civilians by daily Saudi air shelling.

Please do something and stop these daily massacres and genocides against Yemeni innocent civilians.

Read our reply to this communication here.

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