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The Dark Secret of the Life and Death of Abu Nidal
Publication date: 2002-08-25

Who Stood behind the Master Terrorist Abu Nidal ...

The recent death of Abu Nidal, a world class ‘terrorist’ was featured in most of the World Media.

They wrote about his exploits, and his techniques. But what was the driving force behind that man — the dark shadow behind him?

Some briefly mentioned the ‘insignificant’ fact that his family were driven out of Palestine by the Israelis in 1948.

But why did it happen?

Were his family some kind of criminals, punished by exile?

Their only crime was that they were Arabs, not Jews.

To be expelled from one's house and from one's land without a valid reason is injustice. Being an Arab, rather than a Jew is not a valid reason for being expelled from one's house and one's land. So, Abu Nidal and his family suffered an injustice at the hands of the Israelis.

Could Abu Nidal redress this injustice by any peaceful means? No, he could not. In spite of a number of United Nations resolutions aimed at vindicating the rights of the Palestinians expelled by the Israelis from their houses in 1948, this injustice still has not been redressed.

So, Abu Nidal, seeing no way of redressing the injustice inflicted upon his family by the Israelis and their supporters and financiers, became an avenger driven by the desire to kill Israelis and anybody whom he saw as their supporters.

So, who turned Abu Nidal into a “trained and determined killer1”?

Those Israelis who drove his family out of their house, those British politicians who armed the Israelis and allowed them to drive the Arabs from their houses, those American politicians who blocked the implementation of the UN resolutions aimed at redressing the injustice suffered by the Palestinians. They are the dark forces behind Abu Nidal, and they are the ones who are responsible for all the acts of “terror” committed by Abu Nidal. But the World Media avoid this issue, making crimes by governments “socially acceptable”.

There is an important lesson in the life and death of Abu Nidal. Crimes by governments lead to “terrorism”. As long as governments can commit crimes with impunity, and as long as there are no workable peaceful means of redressing injustices inflicted by governments on others, “terrorism” will remain with us — no matter what “wars” and campaigns politicians choose to wage against it, and no matter how the World Media seek to justify actions of politicians and cover up their crimes.

If they really want to eradicate terrorism, rather then use it as justification for their crimes against humanity, they should use the powers given to them by their people to establish workable peaceful means of redressing injustices committed by governments.

But what about his death?

Who is behind that?

Some say he was killed by the Iraqi Intelligence Service, others2 say that he shot himself, because he was afraid to be arrested by the Iraqi Intelligence Service. In either case it follows that the Iraqi Intelligence Service were against him. Why should they be?

They also say that he had substantial amount of assassination equipment in his flat in Iraq. Was he there to assassinate somebody?

And whom would one want to assassinate in Iraq? And who would want to have somebody assassinated there?

These would have been the questions asked by an investigator seeking to establish the real cause of Abu Nidal's death. But we shall not undertake that investigation. Our task is limited to establishing the real causes of terrorism. We shall leave the task of establishing the real causes of death of Abu Nidal to the Iraqi Intelligence Service, and to investigative journalists.

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1) The phrase “trained and determined killers” was used by G.W. Bush in his speech on resolving the Middle East Conflict.

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2) News conference by Tahir Jalil Habbush, head of the Iraqi Intelligence Service, in Baghdad on 21 August 2002.

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