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The Way back to Peace
Publication date: 2002-04-09

What Needs to be Done to Return to Peace in the Middle East after the Orgy of Violence

President Bush has failed to provide world leadership. He failed to stop the genocidal war against the Palestinians.

The Israeli atrocities have wreaked damage to the prospects of any peace in the area.

The only way to restore the prospects of peace offered by the Prince Abdullah Plan is to raise the issue in the United Nations that:

  1. a United Nations peace keeping force immediately enter the area of the conflict with the object of forcing the Israeli troops to stop all military activities,
  2. Ariel Sharon be indicted as a war criminal before a UN tribunal similar to that for Yugoslavia,
  3. Israel be ordered to pay damages to the Palestinian Authority for all the loss of lives and destruction of property caused by the Israeli war.

Unless such measures are taken, the authority of the UNO will be proved to be non‐existent. And it will become clear that the world today is governed by the principle “might is right” and the only way to redress a wrong and achieve justice is violence by any means available. This is not a recipe for a terror‐free world.

Once Sharon is indicted for his war crimes,Israel is ordered to pay reparations to the Palestinian Authority, and the government of Sharon is replaced with a responsible Israeli government, then it will become possible to start implementing the Prince Abdullah Plan for Peace in the Middle East.

The Israeli atrocities have caused boundless anger in the Arab world, and the absence of effective means of achieving justice leaves no other prospects but an orgy of terrorism in protest and revenge.

The implementation by Ariel Sharon of the Bush Doctrine ("War on Terror") has thrown the world to a brink of war and violence compared to which the events in New York which inspired the Bush Doctrine will be seen as a minor incident.

Unless the United Nations proves itself to be an effective means of keeping peace and achieving justice among nations,there is no hope for peace.

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