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Sayings of a Modern Crusader and Educating America
Publication date: 2003-05-24

Comments on a Call for a Crusade Against the House of Saud and Condemnations of Islam ...

We received a comment from an American site visitor, as follows:

“I say israel now has the duty to declare holy war against the House of Saud and all organized crime families that have funneled money into hands of terrorists

I say Mohammad was nothing more than a crime lord looking to escape the law by being the master of the laws

I say Mohammad was a false prophet and his writters were organized goons

I say the present servants of the false prophet are dictators and imperialists whose only intention is to be the law.”

which he wants us to publish with our comments.

One can certainly say what one wishes, but is it true?

The Saudi government has had a long‐standing friendly relationship with the American government, and the fact that some Saudis have committed some hostile acts against Americans has nothing to do with the Saudi government. No government can be responsible for actions of private people not acting on its orders.

The Saudi government has done more for the security of the Israelis than the Israeli government itself has done. Had the Saudi Peace Plan been accepted by the Israeli government, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would have been resolved, and this would have been a major step towards removing the causes of terrorism. It is the policies of the Israeli government that is the major cause of the present terrorism. There is little to be gained by the Israelis from “declaring a holy war on the House of Saud”, as the site visitor suggests.

The site visitor's attacks on the Prophet Muhammad are equally unjustified. The attacker knows nothing about the Prophet, and what he says is due to nothing but ignorance, prejudice and spite.

But the real issue is not in the personality of the Prophet — he is no longer with us. But the verses of the Qur'an, which the Prophet had left behind him, hold answers to the problems of Mankind — wars, terrorism, AIDS, and depravity of every kind.

Had the site visitor obtained a copy of the Qur'an, and read it, he would have benefited from the guidance left by the Prophet. By attacking the Prophet, whose wisdom and honesty are acknowledged by all honest historians and writers — be they Christians or Jews, the site visitor has only displayed his own ignorance.

Is his ignorance not a sad reflection on the state of education in the United States of America?

Should not the study of the Qur'an be part of the American school curriculum?

Should not Classical Arabic be introduced as a main subject in the American schools?

By failing to include these subjects into the American educational curriculum, the American government is failing the American people, as it has failed this site visitor, and many others like him.

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