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Who Protects Tyrants and Incites Wars?
Publication date: 2003-04-06

We Received an Article Saying that Pacifists Protect Tyrants and Incite Wars. We Comment on It.

We received an article concerning protests, which raises some points of interest. The main idea is:

“History will record with severity the huge social, human and political cost of the activism of the erroneously named ‘pacifists’”.

which is supported by a lengthy argument by Fernandez‐Lopez from Libertad Digital, Madrid (Ambito Iberoamericano Editorial), published at

Our comments on this article follow below:

All “ists”, be they leftists, rightists, centrists, pacifists, militarists, etc. encourage tyranny and incite wars.

Wars and tyranny are the result of misuse of government powers, that is of “politics”.

People need government to be able to live in peace and security. It is the function of government to protect person and property and to enforce honest dealings between people. And it is for this purpose that governments have powers.

Politics is the way vain and ambitious individuals get into positions of power not for the purpose of honest performance of the duties of government, but for the purpose of using the powers of government for self‐aggrandizement and to impose their own will on others. They place themselves into positions of power by violence and deception, and the various “isms”, that is, “political theories” are the means by which they seek to justify their pretended entitlements to interfere with life, freedom and property of others.

The various “socialisms” of the 20th century are examples of such “isms”. Hitler, Stalin, Saddam Hussain and Tony Blair, as well as many other “world leaders”, are or were socialists. This includes various “conservative” politicians, who, although not calling themselves “socialists”, have assimilated socialist ideas as part of their philosophy of government. They pay lip‐service to individual freedom and respect for person and property, but implement socialist policies in practice.

As political governments abuse their powers, they inflict injustice on some people. Because at present there are no adequate means of dealing with injustices committed by governments, the victims of injustice resort to protests and direct violence to protect themselves or to redress their real or imaginary injustices. But once they place themselves into positions of power, they become as tyrannical and unjust as those they replaced, and the cycle of violence continues. As long as powers of government can be used to favour some people at the expense of others, violence will continue.

Democracy was an attempt to limit the powers of absolute monarchs, but it only allows for governments to be periodically replaced. It does not ensure that those in power will not abuse their powers. Nor can issues of right or wrong, true or false, be determined by a majority vote or anybody's wishes or opinions. Such issues can be only established by impartial and objective application of principles of justice to facts proved by examination of evidence or logically deduced from proved facts.

Tyranny and various abuses of powers by governments are not limited either to the present time, or to the 20th century. Most rulers, throughout all human history abused their powers in one way or another.

The solution to the problem of abuses of powers by governments lies in rejection of all forms of politics and establishment of strict control over government activities. To be able to do that the powers of government must be strictly and precisely defined, and workable procedures established for control of government powers.

Government must become strictly impartial and objective, like that mechanical instrument, the weighing scales, that has always been the symbol of blind impartial justice.

Once we establish such impartial and objective justice‐based system of government, wars, protests, terrorism and other forms of violence will lose reasons for their existence.

The article appears to be directed specifically against the present protests against the war in Iraq. Although some of the protestors against this war are indeed “pacifists”, many different people take part in these protests. Apart from “pacifists” and people who are protesting for partisan reasons, many people are protesting against this war because they see it as an unjustified war. And the supporters of this war have failed to produce any valid arguments in their support.

This again shows the need for establishment of supra‐national institutions for resolution of disputes involving governments on the basis of justice, rather than by nation states taking law into their own hands and using military might to advance their political aims. Such nation states are clearly not defendants of “the tranquility of order”, but wreakers of destruction and bloodshed.

As far as the passage

“Jesus Christ promised to those last mentioned an admirable prize: ‘You shall be named Children of God’”,

it shows, that when Jesus used the phrase “children of God”, he did not mean a family relationship, but “creations of God, as the rest of the Universe”, or, in this case, “creations of God behaving in accordance with the Will of the Creator, or obedient to Him”. We mentioned such interpretation of the meaning of “Son of God” in our article Judaism, Christianity and Islam — A Clash of Civilizations?.

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