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Funding Politics in Britain?
Publication date: 2002-04-17

Is Financing Party Politics from Taxes Justifiable?

Politicians want the British public to finance their party politics from taxes.

If this is allowed to happen, it will be another crime committed by politicians against the British public.

Why do we need political parties at all?

Government is just another purposeful human activity, like road sweeping, policing, etc. Why does it have to be “political”?

Let's take the Labour party. This party is based on the myths of Socialism and Working Class.

Or the Conservative party — the party that in the past saw its purpose to protect whatever vested interests there existed from the Labour party. Now the New Labour Party is not as overtly Socialist as it used to be and is almost indistinguishable from the Old Conservative Party. So the conservatives are trying to find a new way of making themselves relevant — without much success.

Then there is the Liberal Party. The “what bugs you party”. The party feeding on people's gripes and petty frustrations (community politics).

One politician said that politics is mobilisation of prejudice. I agree with him, but I would be more straightforward and say that politics is just a form of fraud.

If anybody could tell me, how belonging to a political party can make any body honest and competent.

Is not honesty and competence what is needed in government, rather than belonging to a party?

They already waste public funds, and now they want to be paid just for being there.

A great benefit to the public will result from scrapping the party system altogether, by defining the functions of government on the basis of honesty and common sense and by recruiting government by advertising vacancies in the press and selecting candidates on the basis of honesty, competence and experience, as in every other walk of life.

Would you like to be operated upon by a surgeon whose only qualifications are that his father was a miner, and he passionately believes in public ownership? Or to have a house designed by an architect whose only qualifications are that he is an admirer of Mrs Thatcher?

If not, then why do you think that ‘passionate belief in public ownership’ or ‘admiration for Mrs Thatcher’ are adequate qualifications for being a Minister of Transport, or a Home Secretary?

They are already paid salaries when in office. Are they worth a penny of what they are paid?

William Hague was paid 5 years' salary for being the Leader of Opposition. Was he worth a single penny? Should he not pay the money back?

Tony Blair took a stance of a world leader. He was traveling around the world at public expense. The results of his ‘world leadership’ are for all to see: the Afghan war, the bloodshed in India, the genocidal massacre in Palestine — all justified by the doctrine of “War on Terror”, which Tony Blair advocated by distortions of facts and false logical arguments. And, if the “War on Terror” continues, we shall see more massacres justified by that doctrine. Was the money spent on his traveling of any benefit to the British public? Has it saved lives, or made the world a safer place?

How long will the fraud of politics continue?

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