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A War on Iraq. Why Now?
Publication date: 2002-11-14

Bush and Blair are Still on Course for a War with Iraq. But Why Now?

Bush and Blair are still on course for a war with Iraq. But why now?

Iraq did have problems which made it many enemies, but this was all decades back in the past. The crimes that Saddam Hussain was accused of in the past are not greater than those committed today in broad daylight by the Russians against the Chechens1, or by the Israelis against the Palestinians2. But no “tough” resolutions are being discussed in the UN, and no strict conditions are being put to Putin or Sharon. So why Iraq? And why now?

Some say it is the oil. But the Iraqi oil has not been discovered in 2002, it has been there all along, and the calls for war with Iraq began only this year. The thirst for oil could be an additional incentive, but it is not the reason for the present calls for war.

Some say it is part of the “Clash of Civilizations3”, of the war between Christianity and Islam. But, Iraq is not an Islamic state. It is a secular state, and the philosophy of the Iraqi government is a strand of secular Arab nationalism, not Islamic “fundamentalism”. So why Iraq? And why now?

As we remember President Bush and Tony Blair have been using the term “rogue states”, which was used by Benjamin Netanyahu4 in his speech5 before the National Christian Leadership Conference for Israel6 some three years before the War on Terror, as follows:

“And you can see these rogue states, from North Korea at the edge of Asia, to Iraq and Iran right here, who are creating an unstable and potentially violent and dangerous world for us.”

This passage was used by G.W. Bush in his “Axis of Evil” speech, and became the basis of the present US Foreign Policy.

While Bush and Blair are calling for war with Iraq, the real moving force behind this call is the World Likud movement lead by Benjamin Netanyahu.

But why does Netanyahu want an American war against Iraq?

Because Netanyahu has a grievance. His grievance is historical. And this grievance is, according to his own words7:

He [the Chinese President] said the Jews and the Chinese are the oldest civilizations on earth. And I [Benjamin Netanyahu] said: “You're right, Mr. President. There are three ‐ the Chinese, the Indians and the Jews ‐ over 4,000 years old, these civilizations, from the days of Abraham.” And I said to him: “You know, there's an anomaly here.” He said: “Why do you say that?” And I said: “Because the Chinese are over a billion people, and the Indians are almost a billion people. And the Jewish people, well we were 10 percent of the population of the Roman Empire, so by any natural estimate, any natural extrapolation, we should have numbered today roughly 250 million people. But we are only 12 million.” I said to him: “Do you know why that is the case?” He said: “No, why?” I said: “Because the Chinese kept China and the Indians kept India, but our fate was determined when we lost Israel, the land of Israel [to the Babylonians over 3000 years ago, and to the Greeks over 2000 years ago].”

And the “Land of Israel”, the loss of which Netanyahu bemoans, was not the narrow coastal strip which the State of Israel is today, but the Kingdom of Solomon, which extended from the River Nile (in present day Egypt) to the River Euphrates (in present day Iraq). And the present territory of the State of Israel is not enough to bring the population of Israel to the 250 million, that it would have had, if the Kingdom of Solomon had survived till our days. To accommodate the 250 million of Jews, Israel has to be extended to the old historical frontiers of the Kingdom of Solomon. And this is where the problem is.

And the problem is all those Palestinians and Arabs who are now living in Palestine and between the River Nile and the River Euphrates. They should not have been there. They should be replaced with the Jews. And this would placate the grievance of Netanyahu.

So, for the past 20 years he, and his followers from the Likud Olami8, have been busy persuading the world of the righteousness of their cause. Netanyahu has been writing books and making speeches before the Jewish Congress, and before the American Senate, and before Evangelical Christians in America. But, what have Evangelical Christians got to do with the ambitions of Netanyahu?

The answer is again in the Bible. In the Book of The Revelation of John in the New Testament (16:16)9, John describes a vision of a great battle at Armageddon10. This Revelation of John, is interpreted by the present day Evangelical Christians, as the “Coming of the Messiah” (Jesus), at which point all non‐Christians (including Jews) will be either killed or converted to Christianity. So the Evangelical Christians, who have a strong influence on the American administration, believe that the war with Iraq will result in gathering of all the Jews in Israel and the Coming of the Messiah. This is why they support the Israeli war against the Palestinians and the war against Iraq — they want this Coming of the Messiah happen in their own life time.

But why would the Zionists, who risk being killed or converted to Christianity in the Armageddon, want to deal with the Evangelical Christians?

Because they do not believe in the New Testament, the Vision of John, and the Armageddon.

They just want to set the Americans against Iraq and other Arab states, so they can achieve their own dreams — the dreams of the Kingdom of Solomon. And the first step to the achievement of that dream is the “Transfer11”. The “Transfer”, that is now widely and openly discussed by the Zionist politicians in Israel, is the transfer of the Israeli Arabs to the West Bank followed by the transfer of all the Palestinians from the West Bank to Jordan. The discussions are not about whether such transfer should take place, but about how and when it should be implemented. And the emerging consensus is that it should happen as soon as the Americans start their invasion of Iraq. So this is why the Israeli government are so keen that the Americans start their war against Iraq.

For most people it is difficult to accept that the purpose of the war against Iraq are dreams about the Kingdom of Solomon and the Armageddon. They would feel more comfortable, if the war were motivated by more serious considerations, like the thirst for oil. But the Second World War was motivated by dreams and doctrines — the Dream of the Third Reich12, and the Doctrine of the Supremacy of the Aryan Race.

And before the start of the Second World War, the League of Nations, and diplomats and politicians did not take Hitler's dreams seriously, but were shaking hands and negotiating. And then the war “broke out”.

As we know, Hitler has failed to achieve his dreams, but the Second World War lasted some five years and resulted in massive destruction of people and property.

And now Netanyahu is in the Israeli government, and the Americans are poised for their war with Iraq and … the United Nations and diplomats and politicians are shaking hands and negotiating. Just as they did in 1939.

You have been warned.

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1) The Moscow Theater — a Backstage View (What they did not tell us)

The freeing by the Russian Special forces of a few hundred hostages held by a Group of Chechens in a Moscow theater at the cost of over a 100 hostages dead has been in the news for the past few days … but why did this incident happen? A blue‐eyed, fair‐haired Russian woman tells us why …

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2) Electronic Intifada is a website where one can learn about what is happening in the West Bank and Gaza, as seen from there.

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3) Judaism, Christianity and Islam — A Clash of Civilizations?

The involvement of Muslims in the events of 9/11 has brought Islam into the limelight of the World Media. There are even talks of a Clash of Civilizations … But what are Judaism, Christianity and Islam?

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4) On the role of Benjamin Netanyahu in the development and propagation of the War on Terror doctrine see: The Origins and Development of the War on Terror Doctrine and its Future Prospects .

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5) The speech by Benjamin Netanyahu before the National Christian Leadership Conference for Israel on October 5, 1998.

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6) The National Christian Leadership Conference for Israel (NCLCI), according to themselves “is a network of Christians from diverse racial, ethnic, political and theological backgrounds, who are united in a shared commitment to the security and well‐being of Israel in today's world”.

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7) The speech by Benjamin Netanyahu before the National Christian Leadership Conference for Israel on October 5, 1998.

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8) American Friends of Likud

This is part of a global federation of center‐right Zionist movements known as Likud Olami — the World Union of Liberal and National Zionists. They are the people who are influential in shaping the views of the American Administration and the World Public Opinion on the Middle East conflict, and more recently on the “War on Terror”.

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9) See: Revelations of John (16:16), The Blue Letter Bible .

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10) A hill above the present day Megiddo.

For a description of the present day preoccupation of the American Evangelical Christians with the Armageddon see: Armageddon by Morgan Strong at

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11) See: Israel May “Transfer” Palestinians During the War on Iraq by Will Youmans at The Dissdent Voice.

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12) The Master and His Race: Hubert Lanzinger's The Flag Bearer and the Nazi German Ideal of Aryanism, 1933–1939 published by Paul Andrew Barsauskas gives some insight into the philosophy of Adolf Hitler.

And Zionism and the Third Reich by Mark Weber at the Institute for Historical Review shows that there is more in common between Zionism and the Third Reich than is commonly believed.

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