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Can Iraq be Kept AIDS-Free?
Publication date: 2004-10-01

Iraq was One of the Few AIDS-free Countries in the World ...

Following “sex liberation”, which affected the “Western World” in the 20th century, a previously unknown deadly disease called AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) appeared within the American “homosexual community”, and then spread into Europe. From the “homosexual community” it spread to drug addicts through use of contaminated needles, which they used for injecting themselves with heroin. Then it spread to female prostitutes and their clients. All these were known at the time as the “high‐risk groups”. And, as sexual promiscuity (sex outside of marriage) has become a “normal” behaviour pattern in the “Western World”, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases have become as wide‐spread, normal and “socially acceptable” as use of alcohol and tobacco.

And from the “Western World”, initially through “Western Sex‐Tourism”, and then through local sexual promiscuity, AIDS has spread to Africa and Asia.

Only a few countries in the world have succeeded staying free from AIDS.

Two of such countries were Iraq and Afghanistan.

Under the Taliban, whom the Americans had decided to wipe off the face of the Earth, AIDS was unknown in Afghanistan, because there was not much contact with the “West”, and sexual promiscuity among the local population was criminalized. With the replacement of the Taliban by an American installed government and increased presence of “western” troops and workers, AIDS has began to spread in Afghanistan. It is still not clear, whether the present Afghan government will deal with this problem at all, and, if it will, then how?

In Iraq, the government of Saddam Hussain had strict policies for prevention of spread of AIDS in Iraq. All the visitors to Iraq from AIDS‐infected countries were obliged to undergo compulsory AIDS blood tests on entry to Iraq.

With the presence of the American Armed forces and various foreign workers from AIDS‐infected countries, will AIDS now spread across Iraq? Just as it happened in America, Europe, Africa, the Indian Sub‐Continent, and is now beginning to happen in Afghanistan?

What will the Americans, or the installed by them government, do to prevent spread of AIDS in Iraq?

Do the American Authorities regularly test their military personnel and civil workers in Iraq for the AIDS virus? Should the present or any future Iraqi government insist that they do?

This question is especially relevant in the light of the fact that there were cases of homosexual rape of Iraqi prisoners by American personnel.

Have Iraqi victims of homosexual rape by American personnel been compensated by the American Administration for the damage inflicted upon them?

If AIDS is allowed to spread in Iraq, then it can affect the neighboring countries: Turkey, Syria and Iran. Especially as the Europeans are pressuring the Turkish government to decriminalize adultery.

Should not this issue be dealt with by the World Health Organization, under the auspices of the UN?

Was the issue of spread of AIDS in Afghanistan and Iraq as a result of their invasion in these countries considered by the Americans and their partners when they were planning their wars to “Restructure the Middle East”? What measures did they intend to take, and have taken since, to prevent the spread of AIDS in Iraq?

Can Iraq be kept AIDS‐free, now that the American “regime change” has taken effect?

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