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The Dead, the Alive, and the Immortal
Publication date: 2003-03-23

Will Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussain Ever Die? And How Bush and Blair Can be Saved from Eternal Damnation.

The War on Terror had started with George Bush wishing Osama bin Laden dead or alive. Now it is Saddam Hussain's turn. The Americans have unleashed a war on Iraq, justifying it by the need to kill Saddam Hussain.

But, in seeking to kill Osama and Saddam, Bush had achieved the opposite effect. Now they will never die. They have become immortal. Dead or alive, they have become legends who will live forever in the collective mind of Humanity. Why?

Following the 9/11, Bush proclaimed Osama bin Laden “the Evil One” and the western politicians and media began a massive vilification campaign against him. But the effect of it was that Osama, who was little known to the general public, has become a household name all over the world. And while some Americans had accepted the view of him as “the Evil One”, in much of the rest of the world he is seen as a hero, an outstanding freedom fighter, who stood up to challenge an “oppressive and evil super‐power”.

Today peripatetic (wandering) theater actors wander from village to village around India enacting Robin‐Hood‐style epic plays about “Osama and his Valiant al‐Qaida and Taliban”. And the Americans and their supporters from the Northern Alliance are portrayed as evil. And in Australia, the Maoris, who had been conquered by the Europeans, and whom they still see as occupiers, see in Osama, about whom they learnt only from the pro‐American Australian media, a symbol of fight against oppression and are converting to Islam as the religion of liberation.

Not quite the result intended by George Bush and his propagandists, but, then, God works in his mysterious ways. Well, in this case not a very mysterious, and, in fact, quite predictable way. But politicians cannot see the obvious — they prefer to believe not what is true, but what is convenient to them, and deceive themselves.

The same phenomenon of a vilification campaign having effect opposite to that intended can be seen in the case of Saddam Hussain.

To justify their war against Iraq the Americans and Tony Blair sought to vilify Saddam Hussain, hoping to cash in on the hostility to him on part of some Iraqi groups. But, again, Saddam Hussain, having stood up against the super‐powers came to be seen as valiant and noble David, fighting the vicious, hypocritical and blood‐thirsty Goliath.

The Americans would like to be seen in the Arab world as liberators, but they are hated and mistrusted due to their support for the Israeli crimes against the Palestinians and for their War on Terror, which most Arabs and Muslims see as a war against themselves.

Now, thanks to the American war against Iraq, Saddam Hussain has become a legendary historical figure who will live forever in the collective memory of Mankind alongside with Robin Hood, Spartacus and Osama bin Laden — a fighter against oppression and against evil. His defiance of the American might has overshadowed all his past misdeeds in the eyes of those who see the Americans as evil oppressors. And such view of America is not confined to the Muslim world, but is becoming prevalent in Europe and even in America itself.

But what about Bush and Blair, how will they be remembered in Human History?

They will be remembered as hypocritical political demagogues seeking to put themselves in positions of power over people by deception, evasion and manipulation of public emotions. They will be seen as power‐hungry tyrants, like Hitler, Stalin, and other tyrants of Human History. They are already seen as such. Their effigies are burned and their names are damned by people all over the world.

And the attempts of Tony Blair to justify the American war has even made his name part of the English Language. School children now say, “Don't tell me blairs!” (Don't tell me lies). And about an incredible story: “It's a Blair's dossier!”.

Can Bush and Blair clear their names? Can they save themselves from becoming jokes, proverbs and swear‐words for generations to come?

Yes, they can! It is still not too late.

What should they do to save themselves from Eternal Damnation?

They must stop their political games and openly, sincerely and loudly acknowledge their crimes. They must stop all their criminal activities and make good the damage caused by them. And they must prevent further crimes being committed by themselves, and by their successors.

They must admit their responsibility for world terrorism and acknowledge that terrorism is a direct and inevitable consequence of crimes committed by governments — and specifically by themselves. They must abandon their War on Terror and proceed to establishing a world order based on truth, honesty and justice. They must stop being “politicians ” and become honest, competent, impartial administrators responsible for the results of their actions.

And, if they do all that, they will be remembered as great statesmen who saved the world from the evil of wars and politics. And in the same way as Saddam Hussain's past misdeeds have been blotted out by his standing up to the super‐powers, the crimes of George Bush and Tony Blair will be blotted out by their noble deeds. As they say, “God is merciful!”.

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