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Will the USA Become an Islamic State, Now That Saddam is Gone?
Publication date: 2003-05-01

With the Speculations about the Possibility of an Islamic State in Iraq, It is Time to Ask ...

With the speculations about the possibility of an Islamic State in Iraq, it is time to ask, “Will not the American involvement with Islam turn the USA itself into an Islamic State?”

While to many people such possibility might seem “ludicrous even to imagine”, following the events of the 9/11 there has been a noticeable increase in conversions to Islam in the US and Europe. And the main cause of this conversion is not “search for God”, but attempts to learn more about Islam.

The first experience that anybody, who makes an honest attempt to learn about Islam, is that of surprise that Islam is not what one expects it to be. It is not even a “religion”, as this word is understood by modern secular Christians. They see religion as worship of some human‐shaped deity and a set of rituals and superstitious beliefs, but Islam is all about laws and morality and the role of Man in the Universe. It is more like a science. An applied practical science of Human Behaviour and of Human Government.

And it is this scientific nature of Islam that makes people in Afghanistan, or Nigeria, in Turkey or Iraq turn to Islam for guidance on how to govern their own countries1. And it is this phenomenon that modern secularists find difficult to understand.

This difficulty of understanding Islam is due to seeing all religions as “foreign equivalents of Christianity2”. And, because Christianity is based on a set of beliefs which cannot be reconciled with the modern state of Human Knowledge, an Islamic government is seen by them as a return to the darkness of the Christian Middle Ages.

But Islam is not Christianity. It is not based on deification of a historical personality, or on the concept of a man‐shaped god. The God of Islam is a concept without image and place of abode. It is whatever makes the world what it is. It is something the existence of which can only be perceived through the results of its actions.

And the value of this concept to Man is in seeking to live in harmony with the Natural Order of the Universe, as intended by its Creator. Such view of the Universe and of Man's own role within it allows Man to look upon himself objectively, from the side, rather than subjectively from inside of his own ego. And such view allows Man to regulate his own behaviour by enlightened reason, rather than by prejudices, wishful thinking and immediate gratification of urges and desires. Such view of the Universe and its Creator also provides the starting point from which the concepts of Right and Wrong are derived.

For a modern secularist, Right and Wrong are, in theory, “matters of personal opinion” and, in practice, “matters of political convenience and social acceptability”. It is whatever is convenient to the politicians in power, as long as they can get away with it.

From the point of view of Islam, Right is what is naturally just, while Wrong is what goes against Natural Justice. Justice is equality before the Law, which is ultimately equality before God. And all laws are either stated in the Qur'an, or derived from the principles on which the laws of the Qur'an are based.

Such reasoning would not be foreign to an early 20th century American lawyer. He would find it in harmony with his own understanding of justice. But the modern lawyers are brought up on the principles of relativity of justice. For the modern politicized lawyer, justice depends on one's opinions, and ultimately on “political convenience and social acceptability”. And this means that nobody is quite sure what is right or what is wrong, and politicians do what they hope would be to their advantage, and then struggle to justify their actions the best they can.

The consequences of this loss of objective values is spread of crime and sexually transmitted diseases. And while in the “West” these consequences can be somewhat limited by expensive government “services”, in poorer countries they result in “humanitarian catastrophes”, like the current massive epidemics of AIDS. And on the international scene this leads to wanton genocidal wars and terrorism.

The reason that Islam is becoming the dominant philosophy of government in Asia and Africa is not “religious”, as this word is understood in the non‐Islamic world. Islam is becoming to be seen as a viable, and the only, alternative to the intrinsic immorality and corruption of the European‐style “party politics” which has no material basis in countries with Islamic culture. There is no tradition of “class struggle” which was the main dynamics behind European party politics. There is no Socialist dream. Arab Socialism has lost its mid 20th century glamour a long time ago. And, even in its hey days, it took shape of “one‐party dictatorships”, rather than of “multi‐party democracies”. And, with the demise of European Socialism, it has no future.

Without Socialism European party politics itself has lost its reason for existence. Today's Europeans are increasingly coming to the conclusion that no party politicians are worth voting for.

In all countries of the world people are increasingly seeking from governments honesty and competence, not political games. And drugs, alcohol and sexual depravity are clear symptoms of an unhealthy society. Islam provides answers to all these problems. No, not in “religious” escapism of Evangelical Christianity, but in providing a philosophy of society based on understanding of Human Nature.

And this is why the majority of Iraqis see the future of Iraq as an Islamic State. And this is why even Israeli Jews are converting to Islam. And this is why many Americans are choosing to accept Islam as their philosophy of life. And this process will continue. So watch for the “I” in the “USA” — “UISA” — the United Islamic States of America.

And once this happens, Mankind will become a single nation ‐ a nation governed not by whims and fancies of politicians and pressure groups, but by objective and impartial laws based on understanding of Human Nature ‐ the Nation of Islam.

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1) There have not been many examples of a modern Islamic state, yet. The example of the Taliban in Afghanistan has to be seen in the context of the realities of that country. The rise of the Taliban was a response to the anarchy that prevailed after the defeat of the Russians. The Taliban had succeeded in establishing greater degree of law and order in Afghanistan than is prevalent at the present time. Their rule had not produced a prosperous developed industrialized society like in Malaysia or Britain, but their removal has not produced such society either. Their negative image is also due in great measure to their vilification by the “Western Media” to justify the American war.

The same is true of other countries claiming, or trying, to govern themselves using Islamic principles. The government and development of these countries is determined by the conditions prevalent in these countries. And the institutions and techniques of modern Islamic government are still to emerge, and this will happen in different ways in different countries.

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2) An example of such view of Islam was the question of a British judge: “but, what if a Christian scientist would question the ‘divinity’ of Muhammad [would it be blasphemy]?”, to which a Muslim lawyer answered: “May I correct you, your Honour, Muslims do not believe in the ‘divinity’ of Muhammad”. To the British judge this was a revelation.

Just because the Christians believe, that Jesus is the Son of God, one third of the Holy Trinity, and God himself, all at the same time, does not mean that such concepts are valid in Islam.

According to the Qur'an, both Jesus and Muhammad were just ordinary men with the rare gift of prophecy. They were neither gods, nor sons of gods. Can there be a man capable of creating the Universe?

Not surprisingly Prince Charles called Islam “the most misunderstood religion”.

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