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Osama and Omar Speak Again and Panic Grips London and New York - What Next?
Publication date: 2003-02-13

With the War on Terror Heating Up from Every Side, Where Will It All Take Mankind ...

It all began a year and a half ago, when a little boy with a big grudge threw a brick at a big bully — the incident that came to be known as the “Events of the 9/11”. And then it was the manhunt for Osama, which brought about a regime change and devastation in Afghanistan, and now it is Iraq.

Many people say it is all about the oil, Osama says it's all about Islam, while Bush and Blair say it's all about War on Terror and Promotion of Freedom and Democracy. But real life is not as simple as that — it is a complex interaction of human actions, dreams, ambitions, emotions, cultures, ideologies, perversities of human nature, and even weather.

Let us suppose for example that G.W. Bush were not a populist politician, but a man of vision, a world class statesman, who would have seen the events of the 9/11 in their global setting and used them as an opportunity for establishing a world order based on reason and justice, and Osama would have accepted his offer to join him in that effort. Would we still have the Bali incident, the Moscow Theater, the Tanks at the Heathrow (London) Airport, the Panic Food Buying in New York, and some 100,000 body bags and 6,000 coffins secretly delivered to a US military base in Italy?

And is it really all the al‐Qaida? Or is a writer in the Observer right in saying that Colin Powell doesn't know what he is up against?

On 2003–02–11 Osama bin Laden's tape was broadcast on al‐Jazeera calling for Jihad against America and its allies and supporters.

And on 2002–02–07 Mullah Omar issued a call for holy war in Afghanistan. Have not the Americans won the Afghan War?

And according to The Time on‐line survey (as of 2003–02–12) 84.7% of the 382,071 people who took part in the survey believe that the greatest danger to world peace comes from the United States of America, and not from North Korea (7.0%) or Iraq (8.3%), as per the graph below:

Which country poses the greatest danger to world peace in 2003?
North Korea
The United States
Total votes cast: 382,071100.0%

It is obvious that the politicians are not in control of what is happening. They are not in control, because their actions are driven by their fears and ambitions. And they are not in control because their vision of reality is distorted by their arrogance and ideologies. They do not think in terms of “right and wrong”, but of “right and left” and they believe their own lies. And this is why people do not trust politicians. Were the politicals capable of removing the veil of ignorance, prejudices, arrogance and self‐deception from their eyes, the world would have been a safe and peaceful place. But the world is governed not by truth, honesty and justice, but by politics, and this is why panic grips London and New York.

But seen against the background of the millennia of Human History, there is a pattern in it all.

Wars waged for evil motives bring about positive results. The attempts by the Romans to rule the world, made them succeed but for a short while, but they resulted in people being brought together from small tribes into bigger nations. Those, whom they sought to subdue and enslave emerged stronger, but the Rome fell in ruins. The European crusaders and colonizers sought to spread their domination and Christianity in Africa and Asia, and they succeeded for a while, but their empires collapsed and Islam which they sought to destroy came to Europe and America. The two world wars of the 20th century resulted in the European Union, not the Third Reich, nor in the Communist International. The Soviet war against Afghanistan succeeded in installing a communist dictator for a while, but the Soviet regime collapsed and the Afghan war is still going on, this time with the Americans as the foreign power.

Where will the present American bid to rule the world lead Mankind?

The American failures are there for all to see, even before their war has gained momentum. They succeeded to cause deaths and destruction in Afghanistan, but have they any real control over the country? They will succeed in destroying much of Baghdad, but will they succeed in controlling Iraq?

In the meanwhile the Americans are succeeding in showing to the world their arrogance and hypocrisy, and in bringing the rest of the world closer together.

Tony Blair sought to use the 9/11 hysteria for boosting his own power and prestige, but this only exposed his personality flaws for all to see. By his spin and his dossiers he has only discredited himself. People do not trust him. Are the tanks at Heathrow there for a good reason? Or are they just another scare mongering exercise by “fears‐and‐anxieties” politicians? They say. “This is not a show! The soldiers are not actors, they are real people. Trust us. We are telling the truth”. But the people do not doubt that the soldiers are real people. They doubt the reason for their being there. Are they there to protect the public or the credibility of the Blair government?

The need for establishing an effective supranational government becomes more and more obvious. The United Nations will need to cease to be a fig‐leaf for American domination, and to become an instrument of prevention of wars and an effective means of resolution of international disputes between nations on the basis of justice. No nation state should be allowed to rule other nations.

We are moving towards a one‐nation world — the nation of Mankind, governed not by arrogant self‐seeking politicians, but by truth, honesty and justice. And Bush and Blair have an important role in this process, their actions will convince Mankind that politics cannot bring security and peace to Mankind. Without Bush and Blair people would still be trusting and following politicians. Just as they followed Hitler and Stalin in the past. The role of Bush and Blair is to make people see the truth.

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