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Why London Bombs
Publication date: 2005-07-15

Understanding the Appalling Vista Syndrome

“Why the London Bombs?” — this is the question that is repeatedly asked in the British media.

Similar questions were asked, and answered about the 9/11, but they still are searching for the answer.

Then, why is it so difficult to answer that question?

The answer to that difficulty is in human psychology — the “Appalling Vista Syndrome”.

It is obvious that the London attacks were a retaliation for the mass killings, destruction, and torture in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Palestine and wherever else those who call themselves “us the Civilized World”, commit their atrocities under the slogan of “War on Terror”.

But acceptance of this obvious fact leads to a logical conclusion which the Western establishment finds difficult to accept.

If to accept that expelling some million of Palestinians from their houses was a crime, if to accept that the Iraq War was a crime, then it would mean, that the Leaders of the Civilized World are criminals and the people of the Civilized World who allow them to commit these crimes in their names are their accomplices. And this, to use the words of Lord Denning in the case of the Birmingham Six, is “such an appalling vista that every sensible person would say, ‘It cannot be right’”.

And it is this desire to spare themselves the sight of the “appalling vista”, that drives the western establishment to seek any explanation of the present events that would not lead to this psychologically unacceptable to them, but logically inescapable, conclusion.

And this is why the lessons of the 9/11 have not been learnt. And the Middle East Conflict instead of being resolved has turned into a global one — as we were warning them still in 2002.

But, if the truth were accepted, then not only some 50 human lives had not been lost in London, and the tens of thousands in Iraq, but the Israeli settlers would not be being moved out of their settlements in the Gaza Strip, and instead of building their neo‐Auschwitz wall around the West Bank, the Israelis would have been building their Third Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, while the Palestinian “militants” instead of killing the Israelis would have been prosperous citizens of the USA.

But this would be honesty, not ideology, justice not politics — and the politicals do not know what justice and honesty mean.

And this is why it took some sixteen years to face the “appalling vista” in the case of the Birmingham Six. And this is why it will take more years, or maybe decades, of violence before the Civilized World (that is G.W. Bush and those who are with him) will pluck enough moral courage to face the much more appalling vista lurking behind the London Bombs.

But the longer one seeks to avoid an appalling vista, the more appalling it becomes.

If Lord Denning had faced the appalling vista instead of refusing to do so, the appalling vista would have been limited to improper behaviour of a few police officers and an erroneous conviction in a court of lower instance. His refusal to accept this comparatively minor appalling vista, not only had failed to cover it up, but augmented it by the still uglier vista of a corrupt judicial system, in which the highest judges cover up the failings of the system down below.

The expulsion of some million Palestinians from their houses in 1948 was an appalling vista. Had this appalling vista been acknowledged and the injustice done to the Palestinians redressed in a just way, there would not have been the Middle East Conflict. But the Israeli governments and the “International Community” chose to cover up that appalling vista, and the appalling vista of the Middle East Conflict emerged on the scene. Attempts by the “International Community” to cover up that appalling vista by creation of a Palestinian State, without resolving such ugly issues as the existence of the Palestinian refugees have failed to resolve the conflict.

Accumulation of appalling vistas in Palestine, Chechnya and various American interventions in the Middle East has lead to the appalling vista of the 9/11 in New York.

This has offered the International Community an opportunity of facing all the appalling vistas that they were anxious to cover up. But G.W. Bush did not want to face up to the appalling vistas and deal with them in a just way. He chose to blame it all on the “terrorists” and proclaimed his War on Terror.

The result was creation of more appalling vistas, first Afghanistan, then Iraq.

Tony Blair tried to make the appalling vista of the Iraq War less appalling by seeking to make it appear “legal” by deception. Now, that Tony Blair's deception is common knowledge, the appalling vista of the Iraq war was augmented by the appalling vista of Tony Blair's dishonesty.

Tony Blair's attempts to distract the world's attention from all the appalling vistas of the War on Terror by staging the G8 Summit, the pop concert, and the Olympics have failed, as Tony Blair's mirage was shattered by the vista of the London Bombs.

The nationalist hysteria that followed the London Bombings, the contrast between the extent of the outrage caused by deaths of some fifty people with the callous indifference to the far greater atrocities committed by the Civilized World, the attempts by the Media to find any explanation for the Bombings except of facing the truth, and the attempts to blame it all on the “extremist clerics” were further appalling vistas that came to full view.

The truth is obvious — the London Bombs are a reaction to the ugliness of the appalling vistas which the Civilized World has created and has no moral guts to accept.

But the politicals will not accept this truth.

Instead of facing the ugly truth, the politicals will try to make the most out of the public outrage and to commit more crimes and atrocities, just as they did it in the wake of the 9/11. But this will not make the appalling vistas disappear, still more appalling vistas will come to view.

The appalling vista of hypocrisy and moral turpitude of the Civilized World (i.e. of G.W. Bush and those who are with him) is in full view of the rest of the world. The only ones whose eyes are covered with the veil of hypocrisy is the Civilized World themselves. But in the end the ugliness of the appalling vistas cannot be ignored forever. The bubble of self‐deception will burst. Whether this will happen within the tenure of office of today's top politicals, or will it be left to their successors is for the future to tell.

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