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Islamic Trends in US and British Governments
Publication date: 2003-12-22

Some Islamic Trends in US and British Government Policies ...

While the US and Britain are seen by some as fighting a war against Muslims, the US and British governments are the most Islamic governments in the so‐called “West” to‐day.

Thus, while the French government forbids girls covering their hair in schools, the US and British governments behave, as if George Bush and Tony Blair were seeking guidance from the Qur'an.

Thus, the Abstinence Program promoted by President Bush is to teach children that they should “keep their private parts private” and abstain from any sexual activity by controlling their sexual urges. They teach children that the only correct use of sex is within the normal (man‐and‐woman) marriage.

Has George Bush been reading the Qur'an?

And, if George Bush supplements his Abstinence Program by promoting the idea that women should cover the parts of their bodies that arouse sexual desires in men by wearing scarves and long loose dresses, then he would have made the implementation of his Abstinence Program much easier for the American children.

But, even as it is, George Bush's Abstinence Program is more Islamic than educational trends in Europe to “teach children oral and anal sex out of respect to homosexual pupils”.

Another stunning Islamic trend in government was exhibited by Tony Blair.

His “Big Conversation” initiative is a clear attempt to follow the advice of the Qur'an (3:159): “and involve them (people) in the affairs [of state by consulting them]”.

So, Tony Blair started arranging meetings with people around Britain to discuss his policies. He listens and takes people's views into account, but, once he has decided, he will stick to his decisions and carry them through — just as it is advised further in the same Qur'anic passage.

This method of consulting people is one of the techniques of Islamic government, known as “shura” (“consultation”).

Tony Blair also called upon the People of Britain to curb their alcohol drinking habits. This is in contrast to Maggie Thatcher who boasted that she is “also a consumer [of alcohol]” and to William Hague, who boasted by his ability to down 14 pints of beer in one day.

So, may be, the praises of Islam that one hears from George Bush and Tony Blair from time to time are not as “hypocritical” as some people think.

After all, did not the successors of Hulegu, a grandson of Genghis Khan, who seized and destroyed much of Baghdad in 1258, finish by embracing Islam and spreading it around Asia?

Bush and Blair set out to “democratize the Middle East”. They took over Afghanistan and Iraq. So far, there are few signs of “western style democracy” in either, but one can see clear Islamic trends in both American and British governments.

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